Summer Course 1 HQU Kvänum [2006-06-26]

European Zhineng Qigong Center has now arranged 9-day summer courses for twelve years. For the third time, the course took place in Kvänum, a small town outside Skara. About 170 persons, from Sweden, Germany, Norway, Finland, Denmark and England, contributed to the strong Qi-feld, which characterise Zhineng Qigong.

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Zhineng Qigong is a method that can be practiced by people of all ages, a fact that could be observed in the course. Our youngest participant, Carolina, was only five years old. She attended the course together with her mother and grandmother. By being in the Qi-feld her migraine attacks has reduced. Some other children also stayed at the school in Kvänum together with their parents, who took turns practicing. Just from being in the positive atmosphere the children are influenced in a very positive way according to their parents. Better concentration and closer relations were some of the positive results noticed by the parents. These results come from only being in the Qi-feld.

When arriving at Kvänum, many of the participants felt tired and stressed. Some were also a bit depressed. After practicing in the Qi-feld for a couple of days their states of mood were changed. Another reason for the change of mood was all the happy smiles from other participants.

Several of the participants expressed their appreciation for being very well taken cared of, both by the teachers and the other participants. The loving atmosphere contributed to all the good results. One much appreciated contribution to the atmosphere, which also gives reason for much laughter, is the cabaret, where the participants get a possibility to show their skills. A half-day trip was organised one afternoon to the convent ruins in Varnhem – a well-needed break in the practice.

Bellow follows some of the comments from the participants about the course in general:

"Thanks to all the teachers for having a place in their heart for all of us. Thanks for good arrangements, good food, well educated teachers, all the kind consideration and thanks to all the participants contributing to the Qi-feld."

"It's been great to be here and relax and to have been received with such love and warmth. Thanks!"

"The relation to my daughter is much warmer and more present."

"The course has been like an oasis or an energy source. I thank for professional and friendly education."

"I'm especially grateful for the Qi-regulation with DongYue Su. A great experience! I thank everybody who has helped creating the strong Qi-feld."

"A very good course! Superb! I'll come back!"

"I'm much happier, nicer, more social and I feel almost free from the depressing thoughts that I sometimes get when I'm short of energy. I would like to stay for another nine days but it's not possible this year. Next year I'm sure I'll be back, and then for 18 days. Thanks for a fantastic course!"

"Thanks for a great course as always. I've practiced Qigong for ten years and I'm very grateful."

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"I'm very impressed by the arrangements. I've been in safe hands, I've never been this well taken cared of. Thanks to all of you who have made it possible for us to be present to 100 % in all situations and that we have had the chance to experience such a great course."

"It's been great to be here among all the nice people. Even though I've used the situation to spend time alone and to think about my situation and to get an insight in different things, the atmosphere has been great. The cabaret was really good! Great with people who know they have things to show and entertain other people with. And that they have the courage to do so!"

"This is my first summer course. I attended my first course in September and then I didn't have a single thought of attending the summer course. I'm happy that I came here. To be here and to be as social or unsocial as you like has been wonderful – to meet all the wonderful people when you want or be alone when needed."

"This is not my first summer course but it's the nicest one. The training really works. So I'll stay for another nine days."

"See you next year for 18 days. Thanks to Su Dongyue, my husband, too, and our grown up kids are very thankful.

"I've had a great course! I really like Qigong and I've had a great time during the course. It's getting better and better all the time. This year I've been starting to think about how it will be in 10 or 20 years. I think it will only get better and better."


The Qi-feld is getting stronger every year, which is shown e.g. from the participants good results. Below follows some of the comments from the participants:

Asthma and allergy

"I participated in the 2005 asthma and allergy project. I breathe in a better way. I have reduced the use of my inhalator to one pep per day instead of four."

"I have food allergy, I'm intolerant to gluten but this spring I've been able to eat more and more. This course I've eaten almost all the food served here."

"I suffer from birch and grass pollen allergy but I have managed without taking any pills and that normally is not possible."


"The reason that I signed up for this course is pain in my thigh. And that pain is gone. Also the pain in my back has released."

"I wanted to get some adjustments to my back and neck, so I visited a chiropractor. He straightened out some but then said that the rest I can fix with Qigong, so you don't have to come back here. I've felt that a lot has happened in my back, so the next time I have an X-ray there shouldn't be any wear damage."

"I've had problems with my back. On my way up to today it has released. I feel more alert. I walk better and I'm more relaxed in my body."

"At this moment I'm free from pain. I don't know what will happen in the autumn or in the winter but right now it's gone. It's very big and positive. Much has happened!"


"I have suffered from eczema. I participated in a basic course. I kept on training each day and slowly the eczema disappeared. I was afraid that it would come back, but no, I am completely free from eczema."

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"My main problem is that I get terrible headaches, migraines, when I strain my muscles even slightly. So last year I was quite surprised that I could stand here and use my arms this much without any migraine. This year, I've had less pain in my shoulders when I practice, but on the other hand, I've had some headaches this year. Or more of a beginning of a headache, enough to make me think that it will break out, but then it hasn't. When I have my menstruation I always have two days of migraine. Now, I just had my menstruation period and the headache hasn't been more than a bit of queasiness and pressure in my head. I'm very happy with that. Now I feel the headache is completely gone and my body feels good. I feel calm. I'm actually really happy that I'll be here for another nine days. Last year I felt sorry for all of you who were staying for the second course. I look forward to this."

"I have major problems with my back and neck and I get severe migraines. I have to spend three days in bed with no light or sound. Now my migraine attacks have been reduced to headaches. I've had a headache every morning here. But it's not bad. My migraine just keeps improving. My back is still painful and so is my neck. I'm lucky to be practicing, because that will make it well."

Blood circulation

"Another major thing is that my blood circulation has improved during this summer course. It used to be insufficient, so my hands and feet have been cold for my entire life. My feet have improved, but my hands have still been very cold. Now my body temperature is higher. I have been sweating quite a lot when I've practiced. That's a major thing for me."

"Since I injured my back, my right leg has been very cold. I've had to wear warm slippers when I sleep in order for the foot to not be ice-cold in the morning when I wake up. Only two days into this course, I noticed that the circulation was working again and my right foot is even warmer than my left foot today. It feels great to be able to use my "bad" foot to warm the healthy foot in the morning."

Stomach problems

"I've got many positive results that I didn't expect. I've had problems with my stomach my whole life. My stomach reacts strongly on stress. When I did my first Hold Qi Up I felt waves in my stomach. Then it disappeared and my stomach got much better. I haven't had any problems at all. My lactose intolerance has also disappeared. The doctors don't believe it's possible but it's 99 % gone. I'm really happy for that. I took a lot of drugs for my stomach but now I don't need any at all. It's wonderful"

Menstrual pain

"I've had terrible menstrual pains but after my first weekend course it was completely gone."


"I can celebrate today. Two years ago, this day, I quit using the Zimmer frame and I haven't used it ever since. Many people ask me about my results. I still progress a lot, both physically and mentally. Two years ago I didn't have much energy. I couldn't use the computer more than an hour. Now I work half time at my old job. At home I also have energy to do more things. At home I have two kids. I use to go to a physiotherapist and sometimes I do a test to try my balance, called a BDL-test. If I hade done the test two and a half years ago I wouldn't score any points at all. I did the test two years ago, after practicing Qigong for a period. Then I got four points. After that my scores have steadily increased. I did the test again two weeks ago. Then I got 36 points out of 44. I believe that I soon will have a full score on the test. I went downhill skiing last winter. I never thought I would ski again."

"Things in the body happen but it is hard to put words on what it is. It feels exciting and funny to be here. I really get inspired to hear all the others when they tell their story. I decided this morning that I will not use the walking stick anymore."

Drug problems

"It has been a wonderful course. I have both been very happy and alert, and I just can't stop smiling. I feel great. The main benefit that Qigong has had for me is that it has given me the power to stop using drugs."


"My sight has improved, my astigmatic view has disappeared. Thank you for a wonderful course."

"I thought I would be angry and irritated all the time. Already the first day I understood that I wouldn't. Immediately I felt happy and energetic. The headache that I had when I arrived disappeared already the first day and it hasn't come back since. I've just had some thrusts pain impulses behind the eyes. My astigmatism on my left eye has almost healed completely during the course."


"I have also neck problems. Last year I felt like my body was like fifteen years old. I have not felt the same this year but I have straightened and walk easier. My arms are also straighter."

"I started to practice in February. After many years I can sit in the lotus position again. I am softer in my body."

"My shoulders, arms and hands have become softer. I have played football and my ankles have got injuries so they are too mobile. During these days my ankles have stabilized. I have also suffered from runny eyes due to working with a computer and that has stopped after four days."

"When I came here I had swollen fingers because of overworking and now it is gone. My fingers can move really well."

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"I feel much stronger now after the course. I have slept much during this course and people have been waking me up at six o'clock, something that never happens at home. A fine course!"

"I also gave birth to a child recently so my life has also changed. She was awake a lot in the evening and that was really hard. I didn't have the possibility to practice Qigong but I could think about the training and that helped me. Then I could stand anything. The arm training has worked really well during the course even though I haven't practiced that much. Maybe because I haven't only been focusing on myself."

Breast cancer

"I've been much locked into myself for some years because of breast cancer. Qigong has helped me to open up and to participate in life again."


"This winter I fell and hurt my tailbone. I was pretty bad for a while with dizziness and lost the hearing on my right ear. Then I was forced to start practicing again and I'm much better now. My hearing is restored. During the course, my back and neck have improved. I have been able to absorb the lectures better and I've learned to not give in, but to keep fighting, since the training is good for me."


"It's been hard but I've experienced two very positive things. My sinuses and my nose, I haven't been able to breath this well through my nose in a long time, and by that I mean a very long time. Especially when I stand here practicing. Now, my nose is simply not blocked. I've experienced another positive thing. I have a weaker left side. When I've done the exercises there's a snap but now I've felt that it's loosened up.


Su Dongyue