Summer Course 2 HQU Kvänum [2006-07-05]

This years second level summercourse was arranged in Kvänum, just like the two previous years. Amongst the participants we had some persons that had joined their first summercourse just before this course - and persons that have joined many long courses before. Some had chosen to join the first level and then the second level, others to only join the second level.

We saw many gentle smiles, some at the yearly recurring cabarét, some during coffee (or tea-) breaks, and of course during the training.

Cabarét during the summercourse level two

A lot of persons were talking about a strong feeling of Qi. The exercises went much better than before - particularly Dun Qiang and armtraining. The calm during the training was noticable.

During the lectures and question sessions we went a little deeper into the mental and philosophical aspects of Zhineng Qigong. Step by step this have opened up a new dimension of Qigong for quite a few participants.


Every year we have a questionnaire where the participants by them selves estimate how the feel before and after the course. The diagram below shows how many percent of the participants that got improvements during the course.

Statistics from the summercourse level 2 2006

Comments from the participants

Some of the participants own comments about their experiences and results follow below.

Energy and strength

"I've been really unwell, because I suffer from rheumatism. Now I notice how much better I am every year and how much energy I get. This course has been tremendous. I've gained so much energy and I feel like a fourteen-year-old, the way I've been giggling and giggling. I haven't giggled this much since I was a teenager. It has been a great refill of energy. Iäve become stronger from Dun Chiang and I'm really eager to get home and see if I can ride a bike. I haven't ridden a bike in four years, but now I think I can."

Calm and satisfied

"I feel very calm and satisfied, full of Qi, happy and look forward to autumn - winter - spring and next summer we will meet again!"

Energy and range of movements

"I've been in a really bad shape for many years due to my rheumatism and stiff neck and shoulders. My left shoulder was frozen for a year and I had no range of motion at all in my left arm. Arm training has been really difficult for me, but now something finally gave in and I could do the arm training quite fluently. It's really fun. I have a great amount of energy and I think it's been really fun."

Nice place

"I like it at the course, I think the training is fun. I meet many nice persons and it is a nice place to live."

Outdoor training in Kvänum

Straiter toes and better mentally

"A lot has happened. Both my neck and shoulders have seen an increased range of motion. They were tight as ropes before, but now they're much softer and more flexible now. My back has become softer and I can now lay on my back without any pains. And my feet have landed. There was a crash one day when I had been cemented to the floor and my feet have been flattened out and now my toes have straightened out. They used to be crumpled before. On the mental side, a lot has happened. There is still a lot left, so I'm looking forward to the next summer course."

Balance and whiplash

"My asthma is a little better, balance much better even more supple in hips, back and shoulders. Whiplashrelated problems has improved."

Calmer, stronger and more alert

"This is my second summer course, last year I attended only the level one course. Now I attended all 18 days. What was maybe the strongest is that I feel calmer, stronger and more alert than before the course. I haven't had any concrete physical problems that can be cured with a bang. I've felt that I'm more flexible and everything is easier. What's important is the mental side. I noticed when I looked in the mirror after a few days, that my face was smoother."

Chalk white teeth

"My teeth has become whiter. They usually become chalk white after the the summercourse. Fun!"

Able to squat down

"I've learned to cooperate better with my body. I've come far enough to be able to squat down and I feel more balanced. I can find the balance in my body now."

Clear and relaxed

"I have got improvements in my shoulders and neck, much more energy and vigour. I'm not as whimsy as before. My head has been clear in a relaxed way and I have not focused so much on my disease. I practice for life rather that to get rid of my physical problems."

Better body posture

"My back feels very good. One day, I got the feeling that I'm straighter. It feels like my posture is better."

Strong Qi

"When we did the armtraining to the sides it felt like the arms went into a gigantic magnetic field and got stuck. Fascinating."


"I decided the same day the course started that I would come here and that's the best decision I've made. I was quite depressed before I came here and I've had a hard year. I was drained of energy. I feel hopeful for the coming years. I will continue to practice. I really feel refreshed. "


"My stomach, ulster, seems much better. I hope to recover completely."

Better looks and better eyesight

"I've been in many summer courses. I've gained a lot from this course. I've had many comments that I look better. I have problems with my eyesight and I can't see with my left eye and that's been confirmed by doctors. I also notice it myself. When I cover my right eye and look at my fingers, I can see them. I couldn't do that before. When I practice Hold Qi up I've had problems with control when I move my arm to the left. Now that's a lot better. It's really great. When we've done arm training in the mornings, I've been bothered by the sun and needed sun glasses. This week I didn't need sun glasses. That's great. I have an inflammation in the chest. It's better now. I've experienced this course as positive."

Soft body, light mind

"When I arrived here I was feeling tired, sad and annoyed but now my body feels soft and my mind feels light."

Silent moments

"I've had silent moments in the stream of thoughts. I feel I want to go home and practice to make those moments longer."

Down to the floor

"The main result is that today I'm able to stand on straight legs and bend down to the floor with my finger tips, while two years ago there were 28 centimetres left."


"This is my third Qigong summer. I have reached a kind of new dimension as for as Qigong is concerned. I feel so grateful because I can be here and because I start to understand that we do this together. You're not standing there struggling by yourself, but we go forward together. It's such an awesome thing and I'm happy as hell for it."


"I have got a very strong feeling that we are doing this thing together, that we really are like a big global family. I feel very much love, this thing is great and I'm very happy to take part in it."


"The fellowship when you stand there practising, I can hardly talk about it because I'm so moved by it, you feel that common rhythm which we look for in a way, and it takes us to such a relaxed state. And sometimes the music stops before the next record starts and you hear nothing and you know that they're all standing there. I find it so mighty."


"I've tried to follow the exercises and I've even managed to improve a little. My posture is better and my poor left hand, which is also my writing hand, has awakened, so even my handwriting has improved a little. "


Su Dongyue