TuiNa , Wei Tuo Jin Gothenburg [2006-05-25]

The spring course in TuiNa and Wei Tuo Jin was arranged in Gothenburg. The curious participants got to learn about meridians, acupoints and TuiNa. Some participants joined in only on the Wei Tuo Jin part, although most of them joined all 4 days. The participants liked TuiNa and meny of them talked about how powerful Wei Tuo Jin was. See below for some of the comments they gave during the course.

Cough and arms

When my grandchild was ill 7-8 years ago I was infected too. After that I have suffered from a cough on every morning. On the morning after 1 day of TuiNa I had no cough at all! When we practiced Wei Tuo Jin I got really hot. I could really feel how powerful it was. When I practiced Shenxin at home after one day of Wei Tuo Jin the training was better and easier. I noticed that my arms had improved.

Wei Tuo Jin in Gothenburg May 2006

Powerful finger needle

I immediately got a strong feeling of Qi when we tried TuiNa. It was very interesting to learn about meridians. When we practiced Wei Tuo Jin it felt very powerful and my body felt almost like it was boiling. After the first day of Wei Tuo Jin I tried to give a TuiNa treatment on my mother in law. My fingerneedle felt much stronger than it did previous days. I'm very happy that I joined this course.

Balance and energy

I can feel that the balande and energy has been improved. Both TuiNa and Wei Tuo Jin feels right.

Better back

I have, after several years in front of a computer, gotten a bent back. Wei Tuo Jin does a lot for my back and body posture. Wen my movements was corrected I immediately felt that the practice got more powerful, and I'm grateful for that.

Relaxed inner strength

I got a very strong feeling of Qi. It worked deeply, and gave both relaxation and inner strength.

Neck pains

During at least half a year I have suffered from a sore and stiff neck. It disappeared after one day of Wei Tuo Jin.

Body changing

I have practiced Qigong before and when it feels this good after only one day I really look forward to practicing Wei Tuo Jin. It feels like the structure of the body is changing.

Feeling of Qi

I can feel exactly where my meridians are after all the Qi I got from Wei Tuo Jin. I can feel it in my whole body, even in the toes.


Although I have practiced Qigong during several years Wei Tuo Jin was far more powerful that I could have imagined.


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen