HQU 2 Stockholm [2006-05-20]

The last course in Stockholm during the spring of 2006 was held in mice bright premises on Skeppsholmen. The mood was happy and positive, the participants were concentrated and we practiced a lot which gave the participants a lot of Qi and good results.

Some comments from the participants:

Young body

"I've cooled down now. I feel almost like after the summercourse. At that time I felt like my body was 15 years old, although it is 40 years older."


"I suffer from impaired hearing after working with children for 30 years. I really have to concentrate and watch the children to be able to hear what they are saying in the classroom. When we were practicing this morning something happened to my ears. I'm used to hearing this noise and sudddenly this noise became much louder, and just as sudden it disappeared completely. After that I could hear the passwords very clearly. Now I fell that I can hear a needle falling. It feels fantastic."

Hold Qi up 2 in Stockholm

The poem

"It felt very nice to use the poem. I became very relaxed and was able to empty my head from all thoughts."


"I have been able to relax more and got a better flow in my training. My whole body is tingeling."

Less thoughts

"The course have been inspiering. The things that we have been practicing makes it much easier to reduce disturbing thougths."

Supple feet

"I have gotten a lot of Qi during the weekend and my stiff ankles have become more supple."


"I've had a difficult time the last couple of weeks. My mood has been poor. When I decided to join the course and found out that I could join it I immediately became very happy."

Contentrated well

"I live in Sthockholm and usually think that it is easier to concentrate when I join courses in other locations, particularly small towns. You get away from your daily life and there are few things that disturb you. But in this course I was able to concentrate just as well, even though the course was in Stockholm."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen