Hold Qi up Karlstad [2006-05-13]

A wonderful "gang" gathered in Karlstad and this proved a bit of a restart for the area. People were in high spirits and everybody, first-time as well as repeating participants, had the opportunity to practise. Those who had practised a little longer seized the opportunity to concentrate and practise in the Qi field while others were more busy learning the movements. The participants inspired each other to further training by sharing their improvements made during the course or before through their training.

Magnus, who participated in the NHR course in Gothenburg, was the initiator of the course. He wanted a Karlstad course similar to that one and therefore another participant with MS joined the course. She surprised herself and others by being able to stand up throughout the entire course. There will be opportunities for group training in Karlstad, but already the course is finished there will be organized group training on temporary premises in order to make use of the momentum brought on by the course. The Autumn course in Karlstad is scheduled for September so that there will be time for planning ahead. Welcome to the course!

Some opinions on the course:


"I suffer from arthrosis and I have problems with my fingers so that it's very difficult to move them. I can't open bottle caps or the lid of a jar. During the course I've been having more feeling in my hand and when we did certain movements I was able to feel my fingers and their nerves rather well. So maybe those things can improve with time".


"I have never been able to stand on my feet for this long, at least not in the last five years, so I guess I have improved on this course. It was hard but fun. I will practise diligently at home".

Strength, MS

"It was much easier to stand during the weekend than I'd expected. I am diagnosed with MS since 1985, and otherwise it's difficult for me to stand. This inspired me to continue with the training".


"I have developed some sort of stress and I think this course helped me in becoming calmer. I can feel that I have gained a little more stability, so I wish to thank everybody for that".

Calm, focused and an improved body posture

"I have practised regularly at the Drop In training in Gothenburg once a week. It was organized in a convenient way, at lunchtime in the middle of the week. The training has done very much for my work, so that I was able to return a calmer, more composed and more focused person. They come up with all sorts of stupid changes at work these days, and so you need to be calm in order to handle the problems which are the results. In the bargain you also gain a better body posture".

Body awareness

"It seems as if I've gained a little more control of my body, so that I am able to sense when my back is tensed and so on".


"This course was an energy boost. I practise daily but I got the inspiration to practise a little more diligently again, and I know that this will do me good".

Feeling alert

"I went to bed very late yesterday but still I woke up feeling very energetic. Time will tell whether this is a long-term effect".

The back has improved and the body is more supple

"I find that my body is a little more supple and so on. On the last course, which was my first one, my back got well. I am able to raise my arm and that result has kept. Maybe I will make my training a little more regular after this course".

Back, hip and legs

"I usually adapt myself to the problems with my back, hip and legs and my body leans at an angle to avoid pain. Here I have straightened my body. So now I'm able to stand, or at least I'm trying to. Thank you very much for that".


Kate Ohlsson