Hold Qi up Gothenburg [2006-05-06]

The Spring displayed, somewhat abruptly, midsummer weather. In spite of the heat everyone stayed with the training, aided by some lemon and cucumber water. The weekend's course, the last one in Gothenburg this term, was well appreciated. Some of the participants of a previous course with NHR (the National federation of the Neurologically Disabled) seized the opportunity to repeat the Basic Course. Enthusiastically they told us about the different improvements they have achieved through their training. Some of them had decided to put some serious effort into their training and they had their minds set on this year's Summer Course. Others would be happy to join it but for various reasons they had to give it up and wait for next year.

The fact that we have an established organization is considered a safety factor, and also the fact that one can come back after a break. On the course this weekend we had a participant who had found her way back to us after joining her first course nine years ago. Another participant had attended our Drop In course a couple of years ago and now she felt that it was about time for a course. A third one, who had also attended the Drop In course for rather a long period, now seized the long-awaited opportunity to join a basic course, having felt from the start that this training was good for her.

Some opinions during this weekend's course:

Better sleep

"I slept unusually well last night, much, much better than I have before".


"Yesterday when I left here I was euforic and I'm curious to see how it will feel today".

The feeling of having a cold

"Today I feel very energetic. During the last weeks I've been feeling something in my body which I couldn't quite seem to get rid of. I have been feeling it on and off. Some days have been great and others have been very difficult. During these two days I have really felt as if I have left that behind. Now I'm able to enjoy Spring instead. Thank you for the course".


"I couldn't sleep at night because I had a lot of pain. I had to see a doctor but the medication had no effect. And then I had a chance to come to this course. Yesterday when I arrived here I was in a lot of pain, but it disappeared this morning. I am very glad indeed that I had the chance to come here. I have decided to join the Summer Course and so I have to get well, and I already am healthy".

Allergy and strain.

"I'm allergic and I also suffer from eczema. I was told that it may disappear with time, and it has. I haven't felt any problem with that in several years. But there must be a hell of a lot of pollen around this year, because on my way here I was attacked by them. In addition to that I also pulled a muscle two weeks ago and that just got worse and worse. My body got more and more tensed and finally that strain was all over my chest area. I couldn't blow my nose, laugh or breathe too heavily, and to sneeze was out of the question. And then I get an allergy attack! I sneezed twenty or thirty times and I thought I was about to die. Such pain! I thought "Why didn't I eat all those pills before I went out? Now I'll be a disturbance to everyone with all that sneezing and nose running". But after two hours in the training hall my allergy was gone and so was that muscle strain. It's gone! That's such a relief!

Improved sense of balance and more straight fingers

"I suffer from MS. I find that my sense of balance is improved and I'm able to stand up for longer periods. When I'm home I stand up and do these exercises. I can feel that things are going forward. After this weekend I am also able to straighten out the fingers on one of my hands further".

Injuries to the nervous system

"The training gives a lot of effects even to those of us with MS, having rather a lot of injuries to our nervous system. It is very clear that this training doesn't tax your energy like so much else does, but instead we get a lot from it".

Shoulders – Strength

"I have PC-related problems with my shoulders, and I have found that my shoulders have improved a lot. I am also able to stand up for longer periods. I suffer from MS and before I wasn't able to stand up and do both of the exercises".

Better balance in life and more patience

"I need this, these courses improve the balance in my life, they give me greater patience and I don't get angry. It's a very positive thing, so I guess I'll never quit this training but instead I will be here time and time again. Thank you".

Problems and dwelling on old issues

"When you are stressed out you tend to make little problems grow huge, you dwell on old issues for ever. I don't do that anymore and a problem is a problem, no matter what it is. That makes life easier, much easier, and much more fun nowadays".

Improved fitness

"The other day I ran uphill in order to catch a bus, and I haven't done that before. I was a little short of breath but it only took a few seconds for that to disappear and then I calmly got on the bus".


Kate Ohlsson