HQU 2 Turku [2006-05-13]

In the center of Turku, in the beautifully situated Cathedral School, right by the Aura River, we had a Hold Qi Up 2 course on May 13-14. To this course the participants came not only from Turku, but also from other parts of Finland where we've had basic courses. We even had participants from Stockholm. What is taught in this advanced course was highly appreciated and contributes, according to many, to an enhanced quality and efficiency in their practice.

From the participants' comments:

"I've practiced for four years. I'm really satisfied. Qigong has helped me so much. I'm suffering from a massive inflammation in my shoulder and I thought it would be difficult for me to participate in this course, but it's been great."

"I'm very grateful for this course. It feels much clearer now. I have an arm that will always hurt, according to my doctors, but when I practiced it hurt less and less. Then I took a fall and hurt my bad arm, which made me practice even more eagerly. Now I have hardly any pain at all. I haven't understood why I practice Qigong before, but now I understand it better."

"This is my fourth course. I do practice, but I forget sometimes. It's great that we have the practice group in Hangö on Mondays; it's a great way to start the week. I was really surprised this spring. I usually bowl only during one week a year, during my vacation. This year I won my nephews, which was fun. I've noticed that I can relax while standing up."

"I've taken many courses. I practice eagerly, practically every day. It surprises me how many things have fallen into place. This was a wonderful course. I suffer from osteoarthritis, and I've experienced some stiffness and pain lately. That pain is not there any more."

"Qigong helps me in my everyday life. I think about what has been said about how to react in different difficult situations. I've had mostly good progress and now I'm looking forward to the summer course."

"This has been a good course. The benefit I've seen from practicing Qigong has been both physical and mental. I've had to work harder this spring and I notice a difference in how I face the situation. I have a calm feeling that things will be OK. I know how much I can handle and when to say no. I find it interesting that there is always something new to learn in every course."

"I can't remember all the improvements I've seen. I feel really good. The age-related changes that are to be expected, I haven't encountered. This has been a really good course. At my work, I've seen a change in how I relate to the tasks that come along. I don't get as stressed and I deal with things one at a time."

"This winter has been very difficult for me. I would never have managed what I have this winter without Qigong. I've learned to take it easy and not to focus on the negative. Now I know that I should move on and not brood so much on why things have happened the way they have. I've heard all this before, but now I can take it to heart. I feel hopeful and calm, even though my situation right now is far from calm. I feel gratitude and joy. I'm very happy I came here. The Qi-field has been strong and my concentration has been better."


Lars Hagner