Hold Qi up Stockholm [2006-05-06]

Stockholm showed her most beautiful face, with deep blue skies and midsummer heat already in the beginning of May. In the auditorium of the The East Asian Museum, which served as our course venue, the light was beautiful, thanks to the large windows. Despite the beautiful weather, many still joined our course: roughly as many beginners as repeating students. The new students learned the movements quickly and the atmosphere was good; there were many laughs. Many of the new students said that they will take the opportunity to participate in the group practice the four times that are left of the semester and also try the outdoor practice this summer.

LUQ Sthlm 060507

From the participants' comments:

"I've been like a walking time bomb and I felt that I really needed something like this. This morning I woke up with a splitting headache, but after we had practiced "La Qi", the headache was gone. I've been like an adrenaline addict and travelled through life like a bouncing ball. Now, Qigong is my tool to hold my self back because I want to."

"I was so surprised when I came home yesterday and had lots of energy to want to do things."

"I've suffered a lot of pain in my joints before, but that's much better now. The major benefit is what happens mentally. I can choose how i look at my sore joints, find a way of dealing with them. I can see what is important in life and my thoughts are clearer."

"I came here with pain in my back. Now the pain is suddenly gone!"

"I'm really happy that I attended a lecture before the course. That made me feel more prepared."

"This has been a fantastic weekend. Many things happened in my body yesterday and I could sleep well all night and today I feel more harmonious."

LUQ Sthlm 060507, 2

"I work a lot and I need to be able to relax. Last night I slept really well and I can feel that my blood circulation gets going, which is a good thing as I'm getting a bit older."

"Taking up Qigong is the best thing that has happened to me."

"My potential for happiness has increased thanks to Qigong and I really enjoy being here at this course."

"For me, it's important to take up a Qigong method that is well documented, e.g., through different projects, where you can see the results that you can get from the training. I'm so happy to have found this method."


Lars Hagner