Hold Qi up Helsinki [2006-04-22]

Spring came to Helsinki as we had our basic course in Hold Qi Up and we were welcomed by bird song and coltsfoot along the side of the road. Despite the warm temperatures and the beautiful weather, the number of participants was the highest so far in the Finnish capitol and a mix of beginners and "veterans" completed the course with joy and lots of laughter.

Helsingfors1, 060423, stor

After the lecture on Friday, one of the beginners explained that she had been very tired before the lecture and had considered not participating in the course. But during the lecture, she felt that the contents of the lecture were all about her and her life and she felt much less tired, which made her decide to participate after all. After the course, she said she is already longing for the course in Hangö in August.

Some of the participants' comments:

" I suffer from migraines and I hope to get rid of them. I had pain in my neck when I came here, but it's gone now."

"I also suffer from migraines. I had a headache last evening. This morning I also had a headache, but it's better now. I think this has helped. I took medicine yesterday, but it didn't help. Today, practicing Qigong has helped."

" This is my first course. Even though I'm young, I'm not as intact as I look. I have a chronic intestine condition, and I'm hoping to get help in handling stress, since stress makes the symptoms worse. This feels good. It brings me inner calm."

"This has been a peaceful course."

"This is my third course. I often feel guilty for not having daily routines. This is incredibly comforting. My life is quite irregular and I have trouble sleeping. I know that this works. I know that I can fall back on this. I practice in the middle of the day. There's an incredible difference: I sometimes feel how much more I can get out of this if I manage to create concentration and calm."

Helsingfors2, 060423, stor

"I'm a calmer person today. If I get angry it passes more easily. My knees, that used to trouble me, are also better now."

"The more I practice Qigong, the more secure I feel in my daily life. I can stay calmer even when I encounter difficulties. My arms are stronger, it's not at all as difficult to, e.g., carry heavy shopping bags. I'm not as hungry any more, and there's less snacking."

"I realized I was nearsighted almost 20 years ago and it got gradually worse, as it does when you study and read a lot. But the deterioration subsided a few years ago, since I started practicing Qigong. Now, a month ago, when I was shopping for new glasses, I found out that the eyesight of both my eyes had improved!"

"I'm participating for the first time and I was a bit worried before, since I have problems standing up for long periods of time. I have had hip replacement surgery on both my hips. But it was much better than expected and, all in all, this has been a wonderful experience."


Fatima Ringvall