Hold Qi up Nynäshamn [2006-04-22]

At this spring course in Nynäshamn the sun got us warm outdoors and indoors a nice feeling of togetherness and for some a new experience of the feeling of Qi kept us warm. Some repeated the course because they wanted to come along with their self practice but most of the participants were beginners. All of them were pleased with the course and they wanted to continue with the practise. One participant who joined the Stockholm project this spring took the opportunity to join a stronger Qi field when a course was arranged at her hometown.

Some comments from the participants:

"It's been a really good course. Things I didn't understand in the beginning I understand now. There are many things happening in body and mind. I will continue to practise at home and go to the evening training."

"Good to learn the method part by part. My stooping back has been improved and I feel increased inner and outer strength."

"It's been a really good course, with a clear structure. I have poor memory and need to repeat. It feels good and many things have happened."

"I have thought about joining this course for a long time and I have wondered how this could help me. I go to a gym but that only makes things worse. During the course I have already been better. I had a strong feeling of Qi when we practiced La Qi yesterday and I'm still enjoying the feeling. I will continue with this, this is absolutely right for me."


Björn Eriksson