Hold Qi up Guldsmedshyttan [2006-03-25]

"Thank you for this calmness that gives such rest" said one of the participants in the end of the course in Guldsmedshyttan. And it can be a good summary of our courses. Zhineng Qigong gives you calmness to rest in. For the second time there was a course here and the participants who went last autumn have had the possibility to practise together once a week and they shared their experience with the new participants.

Guldsmedshyttan vy 060325

Some comments from the participants:

"I have problems with my shoulder but I could almost do the whole Hold Qi up the last time we did it. Now I am positive but I was negative in the beginning and I am going to practice at home and go to the group training"

"I have constant pain in my back but this morning I didn't feel any pain"

"I had a lot of energy when we practiced La Qi this morning"

Guldsmedshyttan koor 060325

"My walking is different because my legs are stronger and my hips have loosened up. I have less pain in the back and in the neck"

"I am tired in a good way"

"After the last course I was inspired and I've practised a lot at home. I don't have as much pain in the shoulders as the last time"


Björn Eriksson