Shenxin Qigong Gothenburg [2006-04-01]

Snodroppe Gbg Sxq VT2006Spring is on its way, as we use to say in Gothenburg. In day time the thermometer shows a couple of degrees C° above zero and now and then we find a few signs of the slowly approaching Spring.

Nobody paid any attention to the absence of out-door warmth during the Weekend Course, with the participants themselves adding to the warmth inside. The course had a relaxed and warm feeling about it. Many seasoned Shenxin practitioners shared their experience with the somewhat more "recent" participants. Some of them found Shenxin a little more physical than Hold Qi Up, while others did not. One of the newcomers was surprised because the training was so easy and worked so well, since he had heard, prior to the course, about Shenxin being a little more demanding. As usual there were many who thought it was a positive thing to repeat the basic course, both because one absorbs more detail every time and "one gets the idea", as someone put it, but also because joining courses and their Qi field makes for more powerful training, adding to the benefit and improvement of everyone, including the more experienced participants.

Gbg Sxq VT 2006 Golnaz

Some comments by the participants

"This weekend's course affected me both mentally and physically. When I came here I had been having pain in my Achilles tendon, but that seems to be gone now."

"I had a slow start with Shenxin, but now I don't want to be without it. After the last Winter Course I can really feel that it has a good effect and that I really like it. It was a fine course and I felt good about being here. Now I had those things corrected which I couldn't get corrected there. So it feels great. Thank you."

"Yesterday something funny happened, I felt as if I had a fever in one half of my body (points to the upper body) and I felt like steaming all over. One hour after I got home it disappeared and in the evening I played with my children and I didn't go to bed until 11.30 p.m. It feels very good because I have been having a lot of pain in my neck and shoulders lately, my arms and hands even grew numb. Now that feels better and I'm glad that I joined this course."

"I think Shenxin is incredibly good training. It's very good for building strength in my hands, for instance when I play the base. I'm able to play it for very long periods without getting tired. That's good".

"On this course I found that I'm able to sit down on the floor without any support from my hands. That's a fascinating thing since I have a poor sense of balance (MS)".

"I also find that Shenxin makes my hands strong. Because I've been in a poor state for so long (MS) I haven't been able to use my hands very well. Now we have just moved to a terraced house and we've been painting and fixing the house. Before when I tried to use a screwdriver my hands didn't really have enough power and I grew tired very quickly. When we were busy in the house I noticed that I found it easy, and my hands and fingers seemed strong. This is a strength which has come about without my thinking that I should train my hands in any way. By now I've joined two Winter Courses and I really feel strong when I leave there. Another examples of progress is that I went skiing with my family in Sälen. Then I stood on a pair of slalom skis for the first time in four years and then I realized that I have regained my sense of balance."

Gbg Sxq VT 2006 Andy


Kate Ohlsson