Trainingcourse HQU Stockholm [2006-04-01]

On April 1st and 2nd, more than 80 people gathered in the centre of Stockholm for a joint training weekend, all with high expectations. Many of them participated in "Project Stockholm 2006" that ended this weekend. Some students had travelled a long way to get the chance to practice in a strong Qi-field, listen to Su Dongyue and to see old friends whom they might not have met since the summer courses 2005. Except for the Swedish participants, persons from both Norway and Finland joined the course.

Projekt 2006, helg 3, träning 1

The concentration in the training hall showed that there was a high willingness to train. During the breaks, the volume rose rapidly and it was obvious that all were happy to meet in an environment that was so full of love. All were eager to help the other participants, especially when correcting each other's postures.

Some comments from the participators:

Asthma, balance and flexibility

"My asthma and my balance are much better. I'm also more flexible I my body. The more I practice, the better my relations are at home. The doctors may say it's impossible to get better, but one does not have to believe. With the help of Qigong it is possible."

Visual defect

"I trust Qigong very much. The training has helped me a lot. Previously, I used to have glasses and I hated it but after a summer course my eyes improved. Now I don't need glasses anymore. I've also had some problems with a knee but it is fine now. I'm much happier nowadays."

Capacity for work

"Today I work full time because of Qigong. Last time I went to my physiotherapist he told me that I'm so strong now that I don't need to be any stronger. I'm improving all the time."

Shoulder pain

"The training feels good and it's nice for the body. I've got rid of the pain in my shoulder that I've had for more than a year."

Extended living space

"I come from Kalmar. A couple of years ago it would not have been possible for me to come all the way here to practice. It's possible today thanks to Qigong. It has been great to be here and to practice in the strong Qi-field. I hope you all take that possibility."

Decreased joint pain

"I've regained my full length. I have less pain in my finger joints and I can be more straight in my back when I sit down."

Projekt 2006, helg 3, träning 2

Clear thoughts and higher vigour

"My thoughts are more clear and I have more energy. It has been good to join the group training."

Visual defect

"When I had to buy new contact lenses my optician was confused. For the first time in 20 years my sight had improved."

Mental improvements

"The project has helped me a lot mentally. That's a big success in my life. This project was a great Christmas present from my mother."


"Previously, I had a lot of problems with PMS before my monthly period but that has completely disappeared."

Smoother and lighter

"I'm getting more and more soft and light. Even though I'm getting older everything feels better and better. Without Qigong my life would have gone the opposite direction."

Lighter physically and mentally

"Both physically and mentally I've become taller and lighter and I can move my head much better."

Working capacity

"The training feels great. I worked 56 hours last week. Without Qigong it wouldn't have been possible."

Heel fissures

"When I practice Qigong, my heel fissures recover and my back is getting better."


Lars Hagner