Hold Qi up Norwich [2006-03-25]

We have now had our first course in England, more specifically in Norwich. It's a beautiful town with many older houses and cobblestone streets. The temperature was more spring-like than here i Sweden and the daffodils were already budding.

The initiative for the course came from a woman who participated in our latest summer course and wanted us to come to her home town. She saw the opportunities in us coming there to educate people and as a bonus they would get a group to practice with and a strong Qi-field.

The participants were all beginners, with the exception of our contact person Flo, and they were very interested and curious. The warm and welcoming atmosphere helped make everybody feel comfortable.

Voices of some of the participants.

"I have a good feeling in my feet, as if I had been walking barefoot on a beach. Yesterday my legs felt hard but today they are more relaxed and I feel more conscious of my body today"

"I've had trouble sleeping before, but last night I slept really well and when I woke up this morning I felt alert."

"When I came I had a stiff neck but that's gone now. My legs feel different. I noticed that yesterday when I took a walk and it felt like I could have run any distance since my legs felt so powerful."

"I felt happy and joyful yesterday and even the old car that I drive is running better now than before the course."

"I have really enjoyed the course and I have had glimpses of how I sometimes felt when I was a little child."

"I had surgery in my back 6 years ago and have since had major problems walking up and down stairs. Yesterday I could suddenly walk up the stairs easily."

It has been wonderful to participate in this course. Yesterday, when I came home, my family said my face looks different, more calm. Normally, I'm very tired in the evening, but yesterday I could stay up late and I could handle my children in a much better way. I feel like I've found what I've been looking for and that Qigong is going to be a very good friend."

"My feet are always very call and during Qi regulation I wished for warm feet, and that I got!"

"This course has been a wonderful experience. Yesterday my neck hurt really bad, the way it usually hurts, and I was worried that I wouldn't manage the second day of the course. Today I can move my neck in all directions, which I haven't been able to before."

"I've had problems with my balance for many years and it's been difficult to stand. During the course, I've noticed that I've been kind of gripping the ground by flexing my toes and by relaxing my feet I've been able to stand through the entire course without any problems.


Fatima Ringvall