Trainingcourse HQU Stockholm [2006-03-11]

"Project Stockholm 2006" includes two training weekends. The first weekend took place the 11th and 12th of March. Both weekends are also open for those who do not participate in the project. The only requirement for attending both training occasions is that a person must have participated in a basic course. Compared to a basic course, training weekends are characterized by longer training sequences. The combination of a higher amount of training and the strong Qi-field enables the participants to gain Qi quickly.

During the first hour of the training weekend the participants trained under guidance of Su Dongyue. He also held a short lecture about the importance of building up faith in the method. A person's mental attitude is an important factor in order to optimise the results of the training. Su Dongyue also did a Qi-regulation, one of the three "pillars" which Zhineng Qigong rests on. After the lecture, we continued our regular training, especially "Hold Qi Up". The atmosphere among the 75 participants was very cheerful, just like their willingness to train. For some of the beginners this probably was the first time they trained so much on a single day, but they were inspired by those who are more experienced and who have improved their quality of life considerably by training Zhineng Qigong.

Below comments from some of the participants can be found:

Sleeping problems and neck aches

"During the short period of time I have been training in the project the quality of my sleep has improved and I feel happier. A lot of things have happened in my neck. Usually I feel a lot of tension in my neck but now I think new blood vessels have started grow in my neck since the whole area feels warm now, which was not the case prior to this course. Small miracles have happened since the project started."


"Previously I have been very depressed, but he summer course helped me tremendously. Last autumn was the first autumn I felt well all the time. Today I feel stronger than ever and Qigong has definitely contributed to this."

Osteoarthrosis and whiplash

"Despite the fact that my doctors repeatedly have told me that I would not be able to get better, my state of health has steadily improved over the years. One example is the osteoarthrosis in my thumbs that is better now than before, just like the problems I had with my whiplash injury. I am taller now and straighter in my body, have improved sight and a better memory."


"Previously I could have migraine up to 25 days a month. Now my problems have almost completely disappeared."

Allergy and tiredness

"My daily life feels completely different now compared to when I started training Qigong five years ago. By then I often suffered from hay fever and got tired because of that. Today it is not like that anymore. I can endure having furred animals around me nowadays and my food allergies have disappeared."

Back problems

"I have had serious problems with my back. I have tried several methods to get better. Usually these methods only resulted in a temporary relief, but after a while my problems always came back. After this course my back feels much better. One could compare it with peeling an onion. Qi works on a deeper and deeper level all the time."

Painful joints and pollen allergy

"It has been wonderful to be here this weekend. It feels as if my body absorbed Qi. I have had problems with pollen allergy but now my problems have disappeared. Previously it was almost a natural state of health for me to have pain in my joints and back. Today it is not like that anymore. Another example is that stress affects me much less than before. I used to be very sensitive for sounds, so much that I could not be in a restaurant, but now I manage to do that."

A clear mind and a new way of Dealing with problems

"I work as a project manager and I have clearly noticed that training Zhineng Qigong helps me to do a better job and solve problems in a more effective way. I feel rather clear and quiet in my head right now despite the fact that I have to present a report tomorrow that still requires many hours of work. Before I started training Qigong I would never have been able to sit here and feel confident that everything will be in order. Qigong is like a big toolbox enabling one to cope with different kind of situations."

Food allergy and migraine

"I have had a lot of problems with asthma and allergy. I was not feeling well at all when I started training. Every time I spend time in public places I fell ill. My food allergy was so strong that I could not even be in the same room as a person who was eating fish. Today I feel much better. I can eat almost everything I want and spend time outside in the spring, which was completely impossible before because of my allergies. My migraine has also disappeared."

Stress and dealing with negative thoughts

"When I started training I felt very badly. I suffered from TWAR and facial rosacea. During the summer course it itched a lot but I managed not to put so much attention to it. I tried to tell the itching: "Keep itching if that's what you want. I don't care and keep on training." Today I have much more control over my life. I have learned that I am the one who decides in my life and that I should not be affected so much by what happens around me. Qigong is also very helpful when it comes to dealing with stress. If I notice that I have negative thoughts I change and control them by training Qigong."

Problems with daily life and peace of mind

"I feel more cheerful now than when I started training. Problems of everyday life are not that big anymore. It is easier for me to see possibilities instead of problems. Obtaining peace of mind is a great benefit of training Qigong."


Lars Hagner