Hold Qi up Karis [2006-03-25]

For the second time we arranged a course in Karis, Finland, in the beautifully situated Västra Nylands Folkhögskola. The course was also this time a basic course in Hold Qi Up. Some of the beginners from the last course repeated the course now. Just like last time, we were well cared for in the school, the food was good and the surroundings quiet and harmonious. Some participants came from other cities and could spend the night in the school's dormitories.

Karis vy 060325

Some of the participants' comments:

" This is my third course and I bought this concept a long time ago. Sometimes I practice in the Ekenäs group, but I have to many things going on. Now, I've realized what things I have to let go. I feel that this has to get more space. Life is what's most important."

" This is my second basic course. It's interesting to be here. I know the movements more or less by heart, so now I can see other details and concentrate on them. This helps me to focus on life. It's good for me."

" When I started I was on sick leave for depression and I had difficult migraines. Many people can tell you that I'm a completely different person today. I just keep calm and things will come in time."

Karis korr 060325

" It's good to have a tool that I can use and not be dependent on others for treatments. If I don't practice I notice how much I need it. The mental part is the most important for me. I feel I can handle my life better, both at work and at home. I see solutions in a different way. A month ago I had an urge to sew cross-stitches. At my age, the fingertips are a bit numb and it's not so easy to hold the needle, bu the urge was so strong that I bought a needle and some yarn. Then I noticed I had regained the feeling in my fingertips and I could sew cross-stitches without any problems."

" The mental part is why I've continued practicing. I'm much calmer and more positive."


Lars Hagner