Wintercourse SXQ (5 d) Bollnäs [2006-03-01]

Around 60 anticipating participants had found their way to Bollnäs Folk High School and this year's winter course, which took place in week nine. As always, we felt very well cared for as soon as we arrived in Bollnäs, and this usually improves the atmosphere.

A Positive Atmosphere in Bollnäs

During the week we learned and practiced mainly Shenxin Qigong, but also some other exercises, which were perceived as very powerful. Many of the participants pointed out that they had a very strong feeling of Qi, that it was easy to concentrate and that they felt inspired.

Training During the Winter Course 2006

This was also seen in the number of people which spent many extra hours practicing in the evening. The results were seen in increased energy levels, better concentration, better moodes and more flexible bodies.


Our questionnaire showed good results. As the figure below depicts, 75% had increased energy levels, 73% improved their sleep, 71% were less stressed and 69% had less neck pain.

Statistics from the winter course

Some comments from the participants are listed below.

Better physically and mentally

"Thank you for this fantastic winter course. I was so weak that I could hardly carry my upper body after an influenza. I walked like an old duck and waddled on my weak legs, they hurt every day. I was weak both in body and soul, but now I can walk straight and more steadily. My legs don't hurt the way they used to and I can carry my upper body. My balance is better. My asthma is better. My mood is also better."

Hemorrhage after an operation

"I had pelvic surgery before Christmas and I've practiced a lot since. [4] The situation has stabilized but it's still been behaving strangely [5] with hemorrhage and such. When I came here, I was bleeding quite a lot and I could feel that something was going on during the first day. But suddenly, in the first day, it just stopped and now I feel completely well again."

Relaxed and energetic

"During the course, the tension in my left side has released. The difference from before is that since yesterday I feel more and more alert. I've gained an enormous amount of energy."

Everything is better

"Everything is better when I practice Qigong; my asthma is better, my skin is healthier, my sciatica is better and I'm mentally stronger. I can think and reflect in a better way and I can question things and stand my ground. I'm also very happy to see so many young people, so many young women here. What an enormous opportunity they have, since they found Qigong this early in life. But it's never to late to learn something new, it can be done when you're older as well, you just have to keep on practicing."


"For the first time ever, I experience Qi. Many talk about Qi, but I haven't known what they were talking about, I haven't felt it. But in this course I felt what Qi is and it's wonderful."

Fatigue, itch and concentration

"My fatigue, weariness and stress are gone. My hands haven't been itching since I arrived. I used to scratch my wrists and the back of my hands almost raw, and I would sleep less well. I have better concentration, I could, for instance, pay attention to what everybody said in the discussion in the end."

Qi-regulation for the back

"A year ago I was shovelling snow. There was snow on top of ice and I slipped and fell forward with my arms and legs splayed. I landed on my chest and I could feel a crack in my back. Afterwards, there was a point in my back that was constantly hurting. When we had group Qi regulation, we could wish for a result, and I thought about that point in my back. My wish was for the pain to disappear. It worked! I haven't felt that point at all since that Qi regulation."


"During the entire course, I've had (almost) no disturbing thoughts at all, I've been focused on the training."

Flat on the floor

"Suddenly, one day during practice, I felt that I could stand with my feet flat on the floor! During all these years I've heard the key words for this, but I always stood on a bun beneath my feet and swayed back and forth. During all these courses I've taken, I've been struggling with my arms, they've been stuck and I've been bending and bending and now, all of a sudden, I have a flow."

Practice in Bollnäs during the winter course 2006


"I was very stiff when I came here and during the first days, but when the stiffness released, it released in a very tangible way and it felt wonderful!"

Better eye-sight

"It feels fantastic to be here, I feel ten years younger now when I'm leaving. Much thanks to the time spent with all these young people, who are so positive. One evening, I forgot to put on my glasses when I solved a Sudoku, so my eye-sight is better. I tested the next day too, and it was still better, so now I've put away my reading glasses and it feels great to be able to do that at my age."

Stomach and sleep

"My stomach is much better after this week. My entire body is better. I haven't slept much, but I still feel quite alert."

Bad hip

"For a month my hip has been hurting, not so much that it's bothered me, exactly, but every time I had to stand or sit still I've noticed that it's taken me a while to get going again. But that's gone now, there's no pain there any longer, and it feels great."

Hand and thumb

"My favourite exercise this time has been the claw hand. I've had problems with my fingers lately, especially my right thumb. The first day I couldn't bend my thumb, but now I can make all my fingers meet and even pinch them together without the thumb getting stuck."

Calm and pleasant

"I do a little bit better every winter course, practicing becomes easier. This time, I've been able to enjoy the practice occasionally, it's been great to stand here and do the exercise with many repetitions. I've had a lot of mental problems, and during this course something has opened up inside my head. I feel very calm and pleasant up there, in my head."


"This course has given me tremendously much. When I came here I felt strong, stronger than I've felt in a long time. Now that I've been her for five days, I feel even more alert and stronger. My energy level has increased enormously. My confidence in how much I, my body, can handle has increased tremendously."

Limber and positive

"I feel positive and my body feels limber."

Thumb and knee

"I hit my thumb in the ski lift on the excursion day and an old tendon that had healed poorly swelled up and hurt a bit, but the problem just disappeared when I had practiced. I also hurt my knee one day and after that, Dun Chiang was suddenly easier. Thanks to all of you who've made a fuss so that us lazybones can have a better life."


"Thank you for a wonderful course, it just disappeared really quickly. Practice has been incredibly good, I've worked through some issues in my shoulders and it has given me an amazing amount of energy. I'm very happy for that, I feel like I'm just throwing out sparks. I went skiing on the excursion day and noted that it was just like continuing my Qigong practice, it felt really soft. The fluidity, to do something physical, to improve, and it was so tangible in that experience."

Eye-sight and loud sounds

"One of the first days, something happened in my head. Later that evening, I noticed that I could read the signs, not only the headlines, but also the text beneath, pretty well with my regular glasses, and I usually can't do that. I usually have to switch to my reading glasses. On the excursion day, we visited a textile factory. We walked between the electrical looms while they were running (the noise level was quite high in there) and I had no problems. This surprised me, since I've been very sensitive to noise before."


"I think there's been an improvement in my left foot since I came. They suspected a fracture of some kind. Now the bone doesn't feel as sore and the skin doesn't sting as much, so I hope it's healed."

Wrist pain

"When I came here, my right wrist hurt, because I play the bass. The pain was quite bad. On Saturday, the pain just disappeared. I didn't feel it happen, it just disappeared."

Happy like a child

"Now, after the course, I feel as happy as a little child."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen