Shenxin Qigong Kvinnherad [2006-03-11]

It was a fine course in Kvinnherad, with a good spirit and a lot of training. Most of the participants had previously joined a course in Hold Qi Up and they found it easy to learn the technique of Shenxin Qigong. The beginners thought it was very interesting and several of them thought that the exercise snake Arm is very powerful.

Kvinnherad Mars 2006 1

A few comments made during the course:

"I have practised Zhineng Qigong for a month and I sleep at night like a baby. Before I'd toss and turn in bed for an hour before I could go to sleep but now it takes me five minutes."

"This morning I had a cold but it disappeared during the day and Snake Arm had a particularly good effect on me."


Patrik Rastija