Hold Qi up Trondheim [2006-02-11]

The Weekend Course in Trondheim held a blend of highly motivated participants and a few driven by curiosity. Several of the new participants quickly discovered that their body was more stiff than they had expected, but also that the exercises took a firm grip on their muscles and that their blood circulation improved as the course continued. One of them remembered the first course and how difficult it was then to raise the arms – as compared to how easy it was this time. They also thought it was very good to receive corrections and to become confident about their movements. Several of them talked about the wonderful feeling inside the body and having a clearer head (peaceful, with light and stillness) and others still said that there is a lot happening on an internal level. One of the participants, who suffers from a bad back, felt anxious about standing these long periods in intolerable pain, but was then pleasantly surprised.

From the participants comments:

"This is my first course. I had a problem with my lumbar area and I thought it would hurt very much, but it hasn't."

"Two years ago I joined my first basic course. A whole lot of things have happened. Now I got many of my movements corrected and that was good. I can feel that more positive things have happened in my body, and I feel very good after the course."

"It was a very fine course. I notice a much stronger circulation in my body, a lot more circulation than before."


Patrik Rastija