Hold Qi up Stockholm [2006-02-18]

During the weekend of the 18th and 19th of February, 85 course participants met in the centre of Stockholm to join the first Hold Qi Up beginner's course for this term. The course was also the beginning of "Project Stockholm 2006". Half of the participants are joining the project. In addition to this beginner's course they'll meet another two weekends and also twice a week during six weeks, in total 60 hours. The course started with a short lecture by Dong-Yue Su and a Qi-regulation, which was much appreciated. As usual the beginners received good and valuable help from the more advanced students.

Project 2006, feb, correction

Some comments from the participants:

"Six years ago I joined 'Project Stockholm 2000' and that was a great experience. It helped me a lot. My asthma got much better, I got calmer and since then I am not a workaholic anymore. Now I haven't practiced for a while and I've lost my standing position but it came back to me this weekend. The body found it again."

"This is the first course I participate in. When I came home yesterday evening I had enough energy to clean the whole house."

"I join for the first time and when I woke up this morning my body felt very light. My work has been hard lately, many people around me have been in a bad mood and I've taken that to my heart but when I came this morning all worries were gone."

"I did a fitness test at my work the other day and my condition was really good even though I don't practice as much physical training as before. Now I spend my time practicing Qigong instead."

"I feel more focused and relaxed now compared to when I came here."

Project 2006, feb, training

"I joined the project 2003 and I've come to love Qigong. I used to be quite shy but I much braver now."

"Qigong has meant a lot to me. Before I was often stressed in my work but now I've found a way to get back my energy. Even though my life situation is the same it feels different. I can handle life much better now. Many things are more fun now."

"I often have migraine and when I came home yesterday it felt as if I was going to get migraine. I thought I would not be able to join the course today. I usually have problems sleeping but yesterday I fell asleep immediately and slept well the whole night through. I woke up in the morning with a lot of energy and no migraine."


Lars Hagner