HQU 2 Bollnäs [2005-11-26]

A lot of people in Bollnäs have learned and practiced Zhineng Qigong. Many of them participated in a Hold Qi Up step 2 weekend course that was held the 25-26 November. The course was arranged in the beautiful folk high school in Bollnäs. The participants who attended the course for the first time got new possibilities to increase the quality of their training, physically as well as mentally.

Comments from the participants:

"My left hip feels better. It is as if I got more energy in my hip during the weekend and yesterday when I came home I was able to work a lot".

"I just know that he training makes me feel much better and it's good to be reminded about how to use the mind. I always join the group training and I don't want to miss it. If I get bad and disturbing thoughts I try to use Qigong. Qigong is with me all the time, a great tool".

"I've been looking forward to this weekend and I feel relaxed and happy. Previously, I had a lot of feelings that I didn't dare to release. Now I have such happiness in my life and I can also leave things out. I ask myself "do I have to do this?" and every now and then the answer is "No". Things around me, for example sick relatives, don't disturb me as much anymore."

"Today, for the first time, I found the state of Qigong function and I felt full of Qi after the training."

"It feels as if I have cleaned my body and mind. My schedule has been fully booked and I've "jumped around" between all activities. Yesterday it felt as if everything had fallen into place and I was clear in my mind. One eyelid that has been swollen for 6-7 weeks is fine now."

"Last Thursday I hurt my calf, but I have been standing up during the course and the swelling has decreased. Now I work full-time so I practice Qigong every morning before I go to work."


Lars Hagner