Hold Qi up Bollnäs [2006-02-11]

Once again a ground-course took place in Bollnäs, where we've had many courses before. Weekend-courses such as this one as well as the weekly group training attract many participants in Bollnäs.

For many of the beginners, this course in Hold Qi Up was partly financed by their employer, "Hälsocentralen" in Bollnäs. Several of them had heard, both from colleagues who have attended this course before and from patients, about the good results of the course and how everyday life can be improved by training Zhineng Qigong.

Some comments about the course:

"I always learn something new when I attend these courses and they give me a lot of energy. In my working place my colleagues notice that I'm almost never sick and I can keep calm instead of getting angry."

"Previously I was never sick but one day I couldn't get out of bed. I've tried many things prevent a deterioration of the situation. This is the best activity that I've tried. I was searching for an inner calm and I realize that I have to change my behaviour and bring that calm with me. Yesterday evening I was very energetic and at the same time tired, a comfortable feeling and completely different from the tiredness I use to feel in the evenings."

"It has been a very positive experience to join the course. The course has given me energy and I feel calm and relaxed. Now my body feels more whole and I'm aware of my body in a new way."

"Now I join almost every course we have in Bollnäs. It gives me such a kick. Before I worked as a teacher and one year I had no plans to join the summer course in the end of the spring term. But one day I I was going to erase some thing I had written on the blackboard when two pupils came to help me. They had noticed that it was hard for me to do that. I contacted a chiropractor who told me that I was on my way to get a frozen shoulder. I realized that I had to join the summer-course. During the course my pain disappeared and my shoulder was fine again."


Lars Hagner