Hold Qi up Söderhamn [2006-02-04]

For the first time ever, a European Zhineng Qigong Center course has taken place in Söderhamn, a city by the Baltic coast in the beautiful county of Hälsingland. The weather was cold and beautiful but inside it was warm and cosy. The majority of the participants were beginners and together with the more advanced students they did their very best. Everybody was in good spirits and contributed to a wonderful course.

Some comments about the course:

"I know this is very good for me and I have to keep on training. Since I started to practice Qigong I'm much calmer and my family notices a difference. Before I could come home and scream: "I've had problems with my pelvis and hip and my left leg hurts." When I came home yesterday I didn't have any pain at all. My hip and pelvis today feel more stable today".

"I had high expectations and I was really looking forward to the course. The course was even better than I expected. For some time I have been afraid that I would not be able to keep on working the way I do today and it feels as if this training is exactly what I need. The spots in my body where I usually have problems feel warm now."

"During the autumn I had a period of what I would call "bad timing". I was missing the bus almost every morning, just to mention one example. After my last course "the pieces were falling into place" and my life was getting more organized. I've learned that I can't keep on living on overtime. I feel energetic and filled up with Qi today."

"I enjoy being here and now and could stay here some more hours if that would be possible. Qigong is perfect, you don't have to change clothes, you can practice at home, you don't get sweaty and that suits me. I feel much calmer and I'm a little bit in love with Qigong."


Fatima Ringvall