Hold Qi up Gothenburg [2006-02-25]

Saturday's overcast Winter sky shifted to cold but bright weather on Sunday during the Gothenburg Weekend Course in Hold Qi Up on 25 – 26 February. There was an easygoing and focused atmosphere about the course and time seemed to pass very quickly. As usual there was a blend of various age-groups and new participants together with more seasoned ones, both those who are in good heatlh, practising to develop themselves, and those who wish to fix serious health problems. We were happy to see several participants from NHR, who joined our Gothenburg course in January, and in addition some first-time participants among their members – all of them with that fighting spirit and determination to gain more quality of life and to fight against, for instance, their MS.

Some opinions on the course:

"It was very peaceful in here, and mentally it was very uplifting, so I notice a great difference..." "...above all I thought it was fantastic."

"It was a very earnest course – I've joined another course a long time ago, at a totally different place, and that was a completely different matter – this seems very much in earnest. I will definitally continue this training."

"I suffer from rheumatism which affects my internal organs, and my body is often very stiff and I have aches and pain all over. Today it's much, much better. And I will continue to practise at home, and also join the Summer Course".

"I have led rather a sedentary life lately, and I feel that my shoulders really have loosened up this time. It feels as if I had done a serious body building session. My body feels all pumped-up and I had this feeling of bubbles in my shoulder blades and the surrounding area. It was really nice."

"I can feel one thing in particular right now: my hands are warm. They used to be icy cold before".


Max Björkström