Hold Qi up Malmö [2006-02-25]

The participants of the Malmö Weekend Course thought it was a very positive and strengthening one. The sun was shining throughout Sunday and it sent its warming rays into our training hall. The participants were both beginners and those who had joined one or many courses before. Several of those who had joined our courses before say that they learn something new and get stronger every time. Many of them feel very relaxed after the course. During the breaks there is a cosy and relaxed atmosphere and people who haven't met before find it easy to chat and share their experience with each other.

A new participant says: "I have long wished to get to grips with my physical health and I'm glad that I decided to join the Weekend Course because it gave me so much. I feel much more energetic".

Another one of the beginners was very happy to find that we offer organized Evening Training weekly, which she is able to attend.

Further comments by participants on the course:

"Your body gets more supple and relaxed and you get all this energy after a course."

"After a while your tension is released and you feel very relaxed."

"A very rewarding course."

"During this weekend I've learned a lot about myself."

"A slipped disc has caused me a lot of pain, but after the course I can feel that there is less pain. I want to continue with this training."


Patrik Rastija