Hold Qi up Kalmar [2006-02-25]

The town Nybro offered snow and clear skies during winter break. The local slalom slope was well attended, but there were also indoor activities, such as the weekend course "Raise qi up". In Folkets hus, about twenty persons had gathered to join the course, several had attended our courses before, but wanted to attend again. They saw the possibility to practice in the strong qi-field, improve their postures and to learn more about the philosophy. Several emphasized the importance off joining the weekend courses to get energy and motivation to keep up the daily routines to practice. The beginners learned fast and looked forward to join the weekly group trainings.

Some comments from the participants:

"I have a whiplash injury since 8 years ago. I use to attend acupressure and became interested in qigong, Luckely I have some friends who practice these methods. The course before this one, was my first, and after the course I had an appointment to do acupressure. I did not mention that I had started to practice qigong, but she noticed and said that I had increased my flow of qi. That was the last time I went there, now I practice qigong instead."

"Now that I practice ZQ I'm healthier and calmer. Before I did, I often suffered from sinusitis but not any longer. The other day I got a strange, strong ache in my leg, it was the same day as we have group practice, I know the teacher say that when we feel really bad it's even more important to come, so I went and sat on a chair. To my surprise the pain went away and when I returned home I could even shovel some snow."

"Saturday morning I woke up and felt that an attack of migraine was starting, I feared that I wouldn't be able to stand on my feet and practice. I got a ride to the course and I managed to practice, during the afternoon; the migraine disappeared from the training, which is fantastic! It has happened once before that an attack of migraine was stopped by training ZQ."

"Qigong has helped me a lot, it gives me calm and I'm healthier."

"I have practiced for 1 ½ years and when I started I was in a bad condition. Qigong has helped my much, especially mentally, and today I feel good. The weekend course is a good way to get some extra energy."


Lars Hagner