Hold Qi up Gothenburg [2006-01-28]

NHR Gbg Jan 2006 bild 1

A Weekend Course with NHR in Gothenburg

This Weekend Course was carried out in co-operation with NHR, The Association of the Neurologically Disabled, but others were also welcome to join the course. Many of the participants this weekend had typical problems associated with the term MS, such as fatigue, difficulty with sense of balance etc. But in spite of such handicaps there was an uncommon amount of belief in the future, zest for life and fighting spirit, which inspired us all. Some of the NHR participants had difficulty doing the movements, but they still found the course very rewarding and they left with hopeful expectations of the coming training sessions with NHR. Some of them achieved good results already during these two days, which in turn gave the rest of us good information and increasing our trust in the method and what the training can give us in terms of health improvement.

Some opinions on the course:

"I suffer from MS and that makes you tired very often. I joined a course equal to this one 2 ½ months ago, and after that I became energetic. I have continued to practise at home every day and I've continued to be energetic – that's just amazing!"

"I joined a course in November and at that time my shoulder was a little stiff after surgery. After three weeks of Zhineng Qigong I had regained full flexibility, to which my physiotherapist said "it isn't possible, you will have to live with it"! But I don't do that anymore."

"The interesting thing is that one starts to practise for a certain reason but then one realizes that one gets a lot of other things in the bargain, that one didn't expect, and this may not have been one's aim at the beginning."

"It doesn't matter what you're diagnosed with. As I have practised Zhineng Qigong over the years I have seen the method take on whatever illness there is, because Qigong aims for health. So it's just a matter of letting go of everything old and stale, and practise."

NHR Gbg Jan 2006 Elisabeth 2

"I suffer from MS and when we were doing the squats, they were hard as hell, with my legs being the worst part of my body. At the beginning it was a real laugh, but today it actually worked better. I got pretty far down and the lady who joined me for corrections said: Wow! There have been things happening here."

"I have MS and I have, even though I'm very tired, been standing today without support from my rollator and I've kept my eyes shut – now that's a big deal."

"I have MS and I was very physically tired yesterday, but my head was uncommonly energetic, if I may put it that way. Otherwise I only work for three hours, three times a week, so I'm usually not able to manage days like these. That's a rather exciting experience."

"I suffer from MS and yesterday my body was exhausted but the rest of me was energetic, I was mentally alert, as someone here put it, and that's a very positive thing. It feels like this thing suits me, this thing about controlling the body, that's just what I need."

"I have MS and my body can't quite keep up with things. I was able to shut my eyes throughout one section and keep my balance while keeping my eyes shut, and I haven't been able to do something like that for a long time!"

"I'm much better now. I was in a much worse stated when I started to practise 18 months ago. I couldn't eat meat or drink milk because that would give with cramping in my stomach and that would keep me awake at night. Now I have no problems at all."


Kate Ohlsson