Summer course training Gothenburg [2006-01-05]

Gbg 4dgr 2006 stjärna

The epiphany weekend's yearly Four-day Training Course, aimed at those who have joined a Summer Course or a Project, was held in a snowy white Gothenburg this time. Next year Stockholm will host the course. The training is very much appreciated by our participants and the course was fully booked well in advance. More than 60 people had gathered to start the new year of training and to share experiences. There was a delightfully relaxed feeling and both the amount of training hours and the strong Qi field was reminiscent of and comparable to the Summer Course training, providing inspiration and a taste for more during the new year. As usual the course was a happy reunion with the friends which people have found over the years on the courses, and people were appreciated the opportunity to "chat about Qigong" with the like-minded. Participants from different parts of Sweden, Norway, Finland and as far away as England had four days of lots of training, which was much appreciated at a time when, as many pointed out, their training schedules had been somewhat interrupted by the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Some opinions among the participants:

"My metabolism went up during this course. Over the X-mas and New Year holidays I put on some three kilogrammes, but I lost that over the days here."

"I wanted to get help in getting started with the training after peep-hole surgery of the stomach that I went through three weeks ago. I didn't dare to practise that much and I thought I needed a strong Qi field like this one to get started. The first day wasn't so great, but after that it was like child's game and now it works just fine. I feel like I've got started with my training again."

"I was very focused and I was calm after training, to a degree that I haven't even come close to before. That was new to me and it was very nice. It feels very good and motivating for me and I have got some new feelings. It was calm and focused."

"I was very strongly affected by the course, it's almost like joining a Summer Course."

Gbg 4dgr 2006 träning

"I had great expectations for the stay here when I came here. I think it turned out fine and I'm really pleased."

"This last year my lumbar region has caused me constant pain. It felt like stinging and burning and a little bit of everything. But this weekend it disappeared, so that I feel a bit like – where is my back? For the first time in nearly a year I'm also able to reach down to my legs again. When I started training nearly a year ago I was glad that I managed to get down to just below my knees. So it was clearly rewarding and I'd like to thank you very much."

"I think it was a very good course, well, it always is good. I have really felt that there were Summer Course participants here. You get inspired and you feel that everybody is here to practise and I thought it had a Summer Course feeling about it.

"It was a very good course and it was really nice to do that much training. But in addition to that it was very nice to get to meet Qigong people for four days and talk a lot about Qigong with others who are interested in listening to your Qigong talk. It is also very good to get corrections. Thank you."


Patrik Rastija