HQU 2 Gothenburg [2005-10-29]

"It was a good course with a lot of training" and "a course full of information" was the general opinion on the Gothenburg Weekend Course Hold Qi Up, Level 2. There was a peaceful and relaxed mood and one of the participants thought that it had a strong "Summer Course flavour", meaning that he found the training and the Qi field very strong. Since the course was an in-depth study of Hold Qi Up it meant that all the participants were already familiar with each other and they had practised Zhineng Qigong for some time, some of them even having joined several Summer Courses. For some of them the course proved to be a well-needed repetition of already well known details while to others it meant a development of the training and the way of thinking in Hold Qi Up.

Some voices at the course:

"I found myself half-running down the stairs during the course, and that hasn't happened to me in three years."

"My stomach has improved tremendously through this training. Before I'd get problems after eating. My general state of health has also improved, both physically and mentally. I used to bear grudges and hatred toward others, but I feel better now."

"My long-range vision has improved during the last month. I also think a little more clearly."

"My attitude is that everything that has anything to do with Qigong makes you get better."

"If I happen to feel low and down in the dumps and then do a Hold Qi Up, it makes me happy and everything feels better again."


Patrik Rastija