Hold Qi up Vasa [2005-11-19]

In a cold November weekend the second Zhineng Qigong course was held in Sundom, close to Vasa. But the training hall was warm and everybody was in a good mood. Also we were all invited to lunch by one of the participants, something everybody enjoyed.

The participants told us about their good results after practising:

"On Saturday morning, when I started to practice my body was stiff. After a few hours practise, my body got softer and it was simple to make the movements."

"I have got rid of my lactose intolerance."

"Earlier I had migraine and menstruation pain. After the last course here in Sundom I have not had any migraine attack and I have only taken pain killers twice."

"Last night after course, I had a lot of energy. I took my vacuum cleaner and cleaned the floor. I also did the cooking and laid the table in the dining room with candle light instead of in the kitchen. And I also baked and took care of laundry."


Arne Nordgren