Hold Qi up Gothenburg [2005-11-19]

And so one more of our Weekend Courses in Hold Qi Up was held in Gothenburg. There is really nothing sensational about that, but the unusual thing about it is the fact that people had the opportunity to join Weekend Courses two weeks in a row, since an extra course had been set. This was highly appreciated. Some participants found it "a special treat" to have the "advantage" of joining courses two weeks in a row and to join the Qi field. This also gave those who were unable to join last week's course an extra chance to join one without having to wait for the next one which is scheduled for February 2006, perhaps somewhat distant in the future for those who have decided to join a course.

Gbg HQU 19 nov 05

Some opinions on the course:

"I have been ill for many years with many different things such as fibromyalgia etc. And so I thought I'd have difficulty getting out of bed the morning after Saturday's training, but it worked fine. And it's also very, very uncommon for me to get a full night's sleep, but last night I did. My latest hobby is getting this numbness and cramping under one of my feet. I've been having that for weeks now, but last night I didn't have that either".

"My back was in a poor state for many years and I haven't been able to join any work out class for the last three months, which I usually do. After the weekend it feels fine. Now when I sit in a chair I sit in a better way and I don't have as much pain. It's strange because I haven't taken any Voltaren pills, and I usually take two every day. The effect of the pills has left my system but even so I don't feel anything when I sit. Usually it'd be a hopeless situation, with me twisting and turning on the chair".

"My neck was very painful when I came here and yesterday it felt as if there was some current there, it started to circulate and it felt as though it started to loosen up".

"I came here mostly for the relaxation effect and to get a little calmer, since my life is rather stressful and I'm not a very patient person. During these days my mood has been swinging between extreme impatience (which was expected) and a really incredibly nice feeling (which was unexpected)".

"I'm really hooked on this. I'm one of those stressed-out sort of people who are unable to relax. Now I do it at least once a day (relax) when I'm practising and this weekend I've just enjoyed myself all the time. And my throat isn't so sore anymore. It was sore when I got here".

"I was constantly ill and I lacked energy, but these Weekend Courses have improved the situation a little with every course. It's very good to have this opportunity to repeat them at such a low cost. So I would really like to thank you for that".

"With each course my back has improved a little, it's a little softer and a little more flexible. That's both when I bend forward and when I bend sideways".

"Two years ago I came here with a rollator and I was barely able to walk with it as a support. One year ago I came here with a crutch and for the first time I was able to carry out the training with my feet put together. Today I feel that I've taken another step forward. This was the first time I was able to do our entire exercise Hold Qi Up with my eyes closed. Before I had to open my eyes a little when I'd bend down so that I'd not lose my balance".

"Yesterday, on the first day, I walked up to the teacher and complained because my eyes hurt so much, and it's a bit funny because now it has disappeared. I'm this kind of person who has practised for lord knows how many years, and one thing after another has disappeared, and now this thing. It feels just marvellous. Thank you very much. It was a very fine course".

"During this year my vision improved. I'm nearsighted and according to the opticians and their instruments my vision has improved by 1.5 dioptre on both eyes. These last two weeks my vision has deteriorated. My girlfriend has gone through the same thing but even more quickly. Her vision became perfect over night, more or less. But then her vision got worse for a couple of weeks, then it was good and now it is good. I don't know how it works. Sometimes it doesn't work to go all the way in one step, but rather step by step".


Kate Ohlsson