Hold Qi up Mörbylånga [2005-11-12]

When the morning mist lifted from "Södra Ölands Alvar", the sun found it's way in trough the big windows in Kastlösa Old School, where people had gathered to join the very first course in Zhineng Qigong on the island. The course was arranged on the initiative of persons living in Kastlösa, who had joined our courses for several years at different places, and now wanted to get ZQ-activities started close to home.

Alvaret på Öland

The course was characterized by warmth and companionship, where young and old helped each other to learn the movements. The results came quickly, and several of the participants could feel the effect from practicing ZQ already the first hour of the course. All of the participant felt very satisfied with the course, and were looking forward to the group training that will be arranged as soon as possible.

From the participants results:

"I have troubles with swollen fingers, but this morning I realized that it had disappeared and I could use them to pick up things in a way that normally is impossible for me."

"I have practiced for several years, when I started I was in a bad shape and could not raise my hands above my head like I do today. The qigong training has improved my vision, my hearing, my aching feet and shoulders. My memory has also improved, before I could only remember one number at the time, but now I can remember whole phone numbers. While practising La Qi yesterday, the pain in my shoulders disappered."

"This is my first course, on Saturday lot of things happened in my stomach, I have serious problems with my digestion and I thought I would have to go home, normally I get sick for days, but the problems soon disappeared which was very surprising !"

"Both my mental and physical health has improved by practicing ZQ. I use qigong as a tool in my daily life. When I get a cold a no longer use medicine to help my nose to clear, it gets clear while practicing ZQ. This course reminded me about the benefit of practise together with other people."

"It has been nice and calm here in Kastlösa, I've felt safe. I have been practising for two years and slowly lots of things have happened. During the course I suddenly started to cry, but it felt good in a way, and afterwards I felt a great inner happiness."


Ellen Ehk