Hold Qi up Gothenburg [2005-11-12]

Su Dongyue lecture

The Gothenburg Weekend Course was preceded by a lecture which was held by Su Dongyue. As was noted earlier on the "News" section on the homepage there was great interest in the lecture which was more or less fully booked. Many "seasoned" participants took the opportunity to benefit from Su Dongyue's Qi field and his knowledge, but a lot of interested new people also turned up.

Lecture with Su Dongyue

The weekendcourse

The course was fully booked too, with the usual blend of new and more experienced participants. The mood was delightfully relaxed, and there was a general feeling that "time flies". Many of the new participants on this course did not come on account of any health problems. They came because friends had recommended the course and they viewed Zhineng Qigong chiefly as a method with which to keep fit. Others, who are more long-time Zhineng Qigong participants, agreed about this being a good method with health promoting properties. You can develop yourself in a better and healthier direction, irrespective of whether you have health problems or regard yourself as perfectly healthy.

Some opinions on the course:

"Yesterday in the afternoon I had a splitting headache, much like migraine, and I had it until early this morning. After the first hour it disappeared, without my taking any pills for it, which I usually have to do".

"At the moment I feel so incredibly relaxed and calm after the weekend, in a very nice way. I want to keep this feeling, so my plan is to set my alarm clock at six tomorrow morning and put my newly bought CD record before I go to work".

"I have some pain. I didn't think that I'd be able to stand for so long with my feet together and I definitely didn't think I'd be able to get as far down toward the floor as I have during these days, but I did".

"I think this will turn out to be a skill for life. Thank you".

"I repeated the course and I can testify to the opinion that this will be a skill for life, and it's a very exciting skill. There are things happening all the time and I wouldn't be sitting here if it wasn't such a positive thing".

"There was something special about these two days and something has changed, but I can't say what it is".

"My pain have grown less, everything gets a little better day by day as I do this training".

"I find that Qigong makes me happy. If I don't do it I don't get as happy and energetic."

"I think I have found a good path in Qigong. I feel better, I have less physical pain, less gastric catarrh and I'm more energetic than before".

"At the beginning I was a little curious about what Qigong was. I have suffered from hand eczema for the last twenty years. On my first course I felt the power of it and I could feel something happening to my eczema. I joined the Evening Training and in two months it was gone, so I'm very happy about that".

"My main problem right now is my arms and shoulders, with the frozen shoulder syndrome. It was very hard to get rid of that tension, but some things have happened during this weekend. At the moment it feels OK".


Kate Ohlsson