Hold Qi up Stockholm [2005-11-12]

The beautiful lecture hall of the East-Asian Museum in Stockholm was filled with Qigong practitioners on Saturday and Sunday, November 12-13. Many expressed their appreciation of the harmonious surroundings. The understanding and importance of the meaning of the Qi field is increasing among our students. More and more students repeat the basic course, they cease the opportunity to participate in the strong Qi field that is present in all our courses.

Some comments from the participants:

"I would like to point out that Zhineng Qigong can be really good for ones sense of self. I had major problems with stress and burnout a few years ago and for me, learning how to deal with myself and others in a better way in our basic courses, but especially in our summer courses, has meant a great deal for me.I can still feel stress in certain circumstances, but I can deal with it in a different way."

"This is the first time I participate, and I didn't really have any expectations. But it felt really good and I really would like to continue."

"I started practicing Qigong earlier this year, more specifically in March, and then I had suffered problems in my back for a while. These problems disappeared quite quickly, so continuing to practice wasn't a difficult choice."

"When I came to this course yesterday, I'd had pain in my lower back since moving a few weeks ago, but I'm rid of that now."

Östasiatiska LUQ

"I've practiced for six years and when I started, I was in a very bad condition. The most important reason for me to try out Zhineng Qigong was that I had taken ill with toxic goitre. I had surgery, but for a long period of time I was in a lot of pain, e.g. in the shape of muscular pain and skeletal changes. Since my first course I've practiced almost every day and successively increased my practice amount, which has given me a lot. Today I feel much better. This weekend course has been incredibly pleasant for me. I feel good!!"

"I haven't taken many basic courses, but I'm very pleased and happy with this weekend. My body is softer and I'm happier."

"My life quality has been substantially increased – I used to be stressed out, really depressed, I didn't really have a will to live a year ago. Now there's an enormous difference. I've attended the group sessions as much as I have been able to."

"I started in September. I found my way here on the Internet. I read some of the personal stories and felt that that could be me. I've also taken a HQU2 course, I feel I take a huge step up the ladder each time I attend a course. It's fantastic! Now I only have to think about the words in the relaxation exercise to relax. My results were a lot better when I tested my field of vision."

"I was very sceptical in the beginning, but I had heard about all the people who had been better and thought it would stupid not to take the chance. I've had really good results. I'm e.g. a lot less stressed out and happier now, and my difficult PMS problems are now gone."


Lars Hagner