Hold Qi up Borgå [2005-11-05]

Borgå Folkakademi organised the first course in Zhineng Qigong that was ever held in the Finnish town of Borgå, on the 6th and 7th of November. Both beginners and more advanced students participated in the course. The beginners learned the movements fast and there was a lot of time to practice and to help each other correct the postures, which was done with a lot of enthusiasm. The positive atmosphere could also be felt during the breaks when a lot of different topics were discussed with laughter and many gentle smiles. The participants will probably organise group training once a week. Everyone who has taken a weekend-course can participate.

Borgåbladet, a local newspaper that is published in Swedish, came to the course to write an article about our training. This means an opportunity for more people to get to know us and to get a chance to improve their life-quality with our training.

Some comments from the course:

"This is a tool that will be very useful in my life."

"I'm a completely different person today, compared to when I first started to practice."

"After the lecture I had a lot of energy even though I was very tired when I came".

"If I practice after work when I'm tired, I get my energy back".

"I was very stressed when I started to practice but now I feel calm and happy".

"After a course I took, I had a very strange dream. When I woke up, I had found solutions to problems that I had been thinking about for long time."

"I don't have by far as many days of migraine now compared to when I started to practice."


Angelica Berg