HQU 2 Stockholm [2005-10-29]

A mix of very experienced participants and those who have been training Zhineng Qigong just a couple of months found their way to the Hold Qi Up-2 course in Stockholm. All participants were interested in learning new aspects of carrying out the movements, both during and after the course. They corrected each other in a good way and improved their ability to practice Hold Qi Up and their Qigong training mode. In between the exercises many questions were asked and answered.

Below a picture from the course is shown together with a number of comments from the participants.

Hold Qi up level 2 in Stockholm autumn 2005

Disturbing thoughts

Lately, life has been rather demanding and I have had a lot of pressure on me. This has resulted in a long row of disturbing thoughts. Eventually I ended up in a negative spiral. I felt something had to happen in order to prevent the situation from running completely out of control. However, the moment I came to the course I could concentrate again and managed to come into the qigong training-mode better than I had done before. My negative thoughts disappeared. I am very happy with this.

Managing life

I started training qigong this summer and I feel a change has taken place in my life since then. May be it doesn't show from the outside, in the form of spectacular physical improvements, but a lot of things are happening inside. Even though the circumstances of my life have not changed considerably, e.g. a stressful work situation, it does not affect me in the same negative way as it did before. It feels as if I have learned to manage life in a better way. Regarding this course, both today and yesterday I had a strong qi-feeling. Yesterday evening I had a tremendous amount of energy and was very productive.

Powerful poem

It was very exiting to try the poem. Every next line in the poem gave me a stronger feeling. The poem was really powerful!


I feel often tired. I don't live in Stockholm and usually it feels too demanding to drive 400 kilometres in order to attend a course – I just don't have the energy. But last weekend I attended another course, a bit closer to where I live, and it gave me a lot of energy. That's why I decided to participate in this course, Hold Qi Up-2. I took my car, drove the 400 kilometres (which I had not done for a very long time), and took the opportunity to visit some old friends who have moved to Stockholm. The training gives me the energy to cope with this schedule. It feels important to me and makes me very happy.

Teeth and tongue

The course gave me a very strong feeling of qi, especially when we tried the poem. Just after we had listened to the poem I managed to put together my teeth and tongue, which I could not do before.

Health and senses

My health has improved considerably since I started training qigong. A good example is my back. Something else that makes me really excited is that my senses are working better. Nowadays I can taste flavours and smell odours that I could not sense before. Usually these abilities decrease when a person gets older, but this is not the case when training Qigong.


My family situation is quite strained at the moment and I do not feel calm most of the time. I know I should not let this happen, but sometimes it is hard. However, today and yesterday I felt calm again. This makes me happy. Feeling peaceful is the most enriching aspect of training Qigong for me. Apart from that, I have had a great time during the course and I have been laughing a lot. Now I am ready to meet my family again.


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen