Shenxin Qigong Pargas [2005-10-22]

In October 2005, it was time for the second Shenxin Qigong course in Pargas (Finland). After the first course, one year ago, the training groups in both Pargas and Åbo had practised Shenxin Qigong together. Many of the participants were looking forward to repeat or learn the movements that the groups have trained during the last year.

The participants worked well with the movements and did their best to practice with relaxation and harmony. Both the beginners and those who had practiced for some time could feel the strong qi field. They got happier and more energetic, which could be noticed when listening to their lively and joyful discussions during the breaks.

Here are some of the comments from the participants about their most important experiences during the course.


I've had a very nice weekend. It has been pleasant all the time. I feel that I have got more Qi.

Softer in the back

I've had a lot of problems with my back. Qigong has helped me tremendously. During this course I feel softer and the stiffest part in the lower part of my back has started to open up.


I've had problems with my neck for many years. Yesterday I found a new way to move my neck and my posture is much straighter now. Today, my neck feels different from how it used to feel. I'm very happy for that.


I usually get calm when I concentrate and practice Qigong. In the end of this course I suddenly felt calm without doing anything. It just spread in my body, which was very pleasant.


I have problems with one of my arms, resulting in a lot of pain both in my shoulder and in my arm. I've suffered a lot from this and I've done physiotherapy for a period. Yesterday evening, after the first day, my arm felt much better. This morning I felt more rested than usual.

Soft and clear

I feel soft in my shoulders and clearer in my head. My sight has improved.

Pain in the back

I began to practice Shenxin Qigong one year ago because of the problems I had with my back. The back pains had been there for four years and I had tried almost everything without any improvement. From the start I was very sceptical that Qigong could help me, but I tried anyway because I was willing to do anything. By that time, I also had sleeping problems for a long period. I often woke up in the night because of my back pain and then I was awake for many hours. After the course, I continued to wake up because of the back but instead of lying awake I practiced Shenxin because the training was supposed to be good. After practicing I could go back to bed and fall asleep immediately and sleep well for the rest of the night. To be awake for 20 minutes instead of many hours was so good that I could have continued to practice for the rest of my life.

The winter course

I started to like Shenxin Qigong after joining a winter course a couple of years ago. After that course, I was so energetic and healthy that I barely recognised myself.


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen