Hold Qi up Stockholm [2005-09-17]

The first basic course in Hold Qi Up in Stockholm this fall took place on September 17-18, with close to 50 participants, almost half of whom participated for the first time. They were well cared for by those who have practiced longer. As a woman, who has practiced for a little over a year, said: "It's so much fun to help all you new students. Earlier, I'd come to a course and think about all the things I wanted to get out of it. Now it feels great to come here and be able to give."

Some comments from the participants:

"After having surgery on my shoulder, I find it hard to lift my arm over my head. Yesterday, on Saturday, there was a sharp burning sensation in my shoulder and now, on the second day of the course, I can lift it!"

"I find it much easier to handle stress. I especially notice this in my work and it's easier to stay in the moment. After this weekend I feel great."

"Yesterday, I had the most amazing effect. I became happy and calm."

"At first I found it hard to believe in the Qigong way of thinking. I thought I knew better and felt very sceptical, but despite this, I decided I wanted to give it a chance. I'm happy I didn't let my negative thoughts of Qigong take over, because I now have a wonderful tool for dealing with life."

"This is my first course. I've felt alert both days. I have had an inflammation in my hip for a few weeks, but that healed yesterday. Today I can't feel it at all."

"I have a few diseases and it's been difficult for me. Qigong is a positive thing for me mentally, it's like a different room, a different reality. I feel at ease in this room. When the world around me has been chaotic, Qigong has helped me."

"Yesterday, I was tired, but today I'm more alert. I have gained so much from this weekend. Due to a car accident, I suffer from pains in my body. I think Qigong gives me back much of what I had before the accident."

"I had many health problems (overworked, retinal detachment, lumbago) when I came to the summer course last summer. I stayed for both of the courses! It was amazing and I became happy and calm. What weeks they were! It's fun to meet again now. I feel great, and I'm so happy."


Lars Hagner