Hold Qi up Hangö [2005-08-27]

The interest in our activities is constantly increasing in the Swedish part of Finland. An example of this is that Åbo Akademi University, through Hangö Summer University, got their June course overbooked this year. For this reason we arranged an extra course in August in Hangö, which is Finland's most southernmost city. Many of the participants there came to the course because they had seen positive impacts of qigong practice in their friends. Based on the courses in Hangö, which was given for the third consecutive year now, there are now training groups in both Hangö and Ekenäs. Later this autumn we have also planned to have a course in Karis.

From the participants own stories:

"I took my first course in Helsinki. It's kind of funny, I have friends who practice Qigong and they are so harmonious, but they didn't advertise Qigong at all. Finally I had to ask them when the next course is. Now I'm wondering why everyone isn't doing this."

"We should try to promote this to mothers, so that they can help their children feel better."

"I'm addicted to Qigong in a positive way. I've had help with my balance. Before, I couldn't stand up and sing in my choir, I was dizzy and had to sit down. Now I have no problems. I also haven't had any problems with my back for over a year. This is my third course. It's been very pleasant. I have a stronger feeling of the Qi field."


Fatima Ringvall