Hold Qi up Nynäshamn [2005-10-22]

The basic course in Hold Qi Up in Nynäshamn took place the weekend 051022-23. The students with more experience were very willing to share their knowledge to the beginners and that characterized the atmosphere of the course. The new students were surprised that they were able to carry out the course as well as they did. They expected their problems would make the training difficult, instead they experienced that they felt better. They were also willing to join the group training once a week in Nynäshamn that is open for people who have attended a weekend course and they also hoped that more people in Nynäshamn would take the chance to improve there life quality and join the next course there.

Some comments from the students:

"It's been a different weekend that I will remember for a long time. A good course above expectation. I want to follow this road to see were it leads."

"This course has been a boost for me. I have calmed down and stressed down. Last night it was easy to relax before going to sleep, my head wasn't spinning like it normally does. My Troubles with my calves (restless legs) were also gone last night. I think Qigong has mush to offer."

"I have practise Qigong for two years and every course is a new experience. It's been nice to just stand and practise during this weekend."

"I can relax better"

"I have enjoyed practising during this course and I can feel my body working."


Björn Eriksson