Hold Qi up Kalmar [2005-10-22]

We normally alternate between Kalmar and Nybro for the carry out of the weekend course for the semester. This time, the 22-23 of October, it was Nybros turn. One of the reasons for that was the offer from the commune to their employees on sick list, to join the course. A similar investment was done by Nybro commune two years ago, and several of the persons that joined that course, also participated this time. It's a gratifying experience to recognize their improvement of life quality, and how they step by step have been able to return to work.

There is a training group in both Nybro and Kalmar, and the new participants did all agree on the importance to try to join at least one of the two groups. Several of them did also express their wish to join the weekend course on Öland 12-13 of November

From the participants results:

"I have participated in several courses and one 9day-course. Next year I will join 18days. Before I couldn't wash my own hair or cook dinner without getting so ill that I had to lay down. Now I can even do the laundry and sometimes even clean the floors. For some that's not a big deal but for me it a huge different!"

"This is my first course, the night between Saturday and Sunday I woke up very surprised, My Ichias pain was gone. I realized I was lying on my left side, normally that's impossible for me because of pain. I also realized that I was warm and didn't need the socks and blankets I normally use."

"I've joined three ground-courses and a summer-course, it has been very good for my mental health. I'm having some hard times right now, with problems within my family, qigong helps me to keep calm and take away negative thoughts."

"This is my first course, I have a whiplash injury and my doctor has recommended me to stop working and retire. During the course I felt the feeling of qi and that was very inspiring."

"I started two years ago. By then I was on sick leave for pains in my neck. Now I have no pains at all and I am working fulltime. To repeat weekend courses really gives me a kick!"

"This is my fourth course. Training ZQ feels so good. It helps me in my work as a leader, for example when I prepare for lecturing. I did not join because of any illness or pain, but this last week I hurt and did not think that I would be able to join the course without seeing my chiropractor but on Saturday I could feel how one after one the discs came into place. Today I am much better."

"I joined at my first course two years ago. Then I was on sick leave because of a state of exhaustion. Now I feel very comfortable training and I work full time again."


Lars Hagner