Hold Qi up Kungsbacka [2005-10-15]

The course last weekend in Kungsbacka, situated about thirty kilometres outside Gothenburg, displayed some marvellous Autumn weather and enthusiastic Qigong people. It was just about fully booked and there were many new participants, although those who repeated it were equal in number. The good results inspired the newcomers for continued training but those who repeated the course after many years of practice also found the course rewarding – to some of them it was a real lift. Participants came from the Kungsbacka area but also from places farther away, such as Stenungssund, Jönköping and as far away as Piteå and Umeå. We all thought that it was a blend of Sweden's population at its best.

The lecture in the Friday evening had a good number if visitors, which was gratifying. Some of those present got good results already at the lecture, which may have surprised but also encouraged them, inspiring expectations for the weekend's course as well as their future Qigong training.

Hold Qi up in Kungsbacka

Some opinions about the lecture:

"Before the weekend I couldn't even walk around the house at home and I didn't have the strength for it either, because of illness (Fibromyalgia). I had an agreement with my husband to meet me after the lecture but I walked very quickly and I got home before he had the time to meet me. I talked and I also had a lot of energy left in the evening, which is very surprising."

"At the lecture I got a lot of stomach pain and it kept until that evening. At first I thought it was strange but since I have this intestinal disease – ulcerative colitis – I realized that it was a good thing and that something happened. It was gone the next day.

"I always feel cold because of my low blood pressure. I understood that this Qigong is very good for me since I got all warm already at the lecture."

Some opinions about the course:

"I had pain since July, caused by cortisone poisoning. On Saturday my knee was hurting very much but when I got off the bus on my way home the pain had, strangely enough, moved to the other knee. Suddenly I couldn't feel the pain anymore and when I arrived at my home it had disappeared completely. I felt very alert and had the strength to practise when I came home, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the course."

"An old injury which I got from jogging and which I thought had healed, made its present felt on Saturday. I thought I'd die and that I would have to creep backward out of bed on Sunday, like I used to when I had the injury. But I didn't feel anything at all and now it feels completely alright. I'm very positive about this Qigong training."

"I have some stress-related illnesses and I was therefore recommended by my doctor to join this Qigong method. After Saturday's training I slept all night for the first time in eighteen months. It was great."

"My arm hurt very, very much for the last three weeks and the pain has been on and off during the course. Now, in the Sunday afternoon, I have no pain in my arm at all."


Kate Ohlsson