Hold Qi up Vara [2005-10-15]

It so happened that the first frost came at the same time as this Autumn's Weekend Course in Vara and its mornings were icy cold. None of this, however, was felt at the course which was characterized by heart-felt joy and good company.

The Summer Course participants of Vara all turned up and they were looking forward to spending two whole days in the Qi field. The fact that Summer Course participants join the Weekend Courses is a very positive thing for the new ones since the more seasoned participants tell them about their personal results, which motivate the new ones for further training.

You can read about Berith's case at "Personal cases". She suffered severe facial nerve pain for many years, caused by a treatment injury and now she relates the following story: "I became much better on the 2005 Summer Course and I have continued to practise every day. I am very different now as compared to before the Summer Course and I've improved enormously after the Summer Course as well. I am much more energetic, have less pain, my stomach is much better and I've stopped using all of my medicine. But then I saw the dentist earlier last week and that nerve was agitated again, so I've been in some serious pain these days. So therefore I'm very happy about this course because now I'm much better again. My husband told me some time ago that I haven't been this energetic and happy since before I got ill."

In that instant it became rather clear that when a person gets rid of pain and problems it means a lot to the near and dear ones too, and the entire family gets a better quality of life.

Other comments on the course:

"I had pain in my shoulder but it disappeared during the weekend. I have no pain, my shoulders have become level with each other and I'm able to raise my arms straight up over my head. That is really quite incredible."

"I have gained good balance in my feet and I'm able to stand – stand properly, that is, on my feet and that feels great."

"When I practise my stomach gets better, I'm calmer and more energetic, and now I have my mind set on next year's Summer Course."

"I'm on sick leave due to a stress related fatigue syndrome and I've had stomach problems, insomnia and difficulty relaxing. My back is more flexible and I no longer have any problem with the sciatic nerve, and I get better sleep."

"I have practised a few years and I've achieved better balance in my body, that is the relation between the upper and lower body, and my upper body has greater strength."

"I have got a lot to sink my teeth into after this weekend and it's very rewarding to join these courses because they increase your body awareness. I joined this year's Summer Courses and that was a marvellous experience. They were characterized by consideration, kindness and fellowship."


Elisabeth Öberg