TuiNa , Wei Tuo Jin Bergen [2005-10-06]

The participants appreciated both the TuiNa and the Wei Tuo Jin-part of the course. It was interesting for them to learn more about meridians, acupoints and other aspects of the philosophy, and to feel the effect of TuiNa. In addition to this, it felt good for the participants to learn something that can be used to help others. Some of the persons who took part in the course mentioned that training Wei Tuo Jin is different from the training they are used to and that it felt pleasant. Another type of comments that could be heard was that the exercises made the participants feel much more vigorous and that they experienced a very strong feeling of Qi.

In the text below some of the participants' own comments can be found, as well as a few pictures from the course.

The participants are practising TuiNa in Bergen 2005


"I have some problems with my eyesight. During the first day of the course it was hard for me to see everything that was written on the flip-over. However, on the second day, after having pressed each others acupoints, I saw the text that had been written the day before much more clearly."

Knee, hip and shoulder

"TuiNa and the meridian system are very interesting. After having practised TuiNa on each other it feels as if my right knee and hip have become better. My right shoulder also feels better; it does not leap as much as it did before. I also feel a difference when I train Lyft upp Qi now that I have trained Wei Tuo Jin."


"I was hit in the head by a stone a couple of weeks ago, resulting in a concussion. Now, some weeks later, it still hurts and I feel a pressure in my head when I lay down. Especially in the mornings I have a lot of pain. After having received a TuiNa treatment the situation improved considerably. The pressure has disappeared and I am almost out of pain."


"When I train Wei Tuo Jin I feel physically much stronger."


"I saw Qi for the first time when we trained Wei Tuo Jin. That was very inspiring."

Wei Tuo Jin in Bergen 2005


"The last couple of weeks I have had problems with cramp and stiffness in my calves. However, I have not experienced these problems during the course and now my calves feel relaxed."

Gung Fu

"TuiNa is very interesting. It feels good to be able to help other people. This affects me in different ways. As our ability to help others increases when we have better Gung Fu, I feel more motivated to improve my own Gung Fu."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen