Hold Qi up Trondheim [2005-09-24]

The local training group are keen on it and therefore their minds were set on a Qigong weekend. The course was held and it was the first time that we held a course in Havstein's district hall, situated in rural surroundings about ten minutes off the centre of Trondheim.

There was a calm and relaxed mood all through the course and the training hall was secluded from traffic noise and other sources of distraction, so the impression of the course as a whole is that everybody was able to focus on their training.

Those who repeated the basic course thought the course was a lift for them and the new participants all got the feeling of Qi. Someone stated that her mental changes had been greater than the physical ones after starting the Qigong practice. One participant who could stay only in the Sunday morning, due to a sick child, was very grateful for the opportunity to join the Qi field

Some people's experiences from the course:

"I think I had two fine days here. I have got more energy – a surplus of it".

"Yesterday I felt that I became more "whole – in one piece", and that my power doesn't go up and down so much. The power is more even and that's very nice".


Patrik Rastija