Hold Qi up Guldsmedshyttan [2005-10-08]

For the first time we arranged a course in Guldsmedshyttan. The sun and the yellow autumn leaves made the place justify its name. We were a group with mostly beginners and the atmosphere in the group was warm and caring. As a teacher it is very positive to see people with not so straight posture with shoulders under their ears stand more straight with relaxed shoulders during the course. It is also stimulating to meet people who have decided to try something new to improve the quality of their life. After the course they decided to continue to practice together once a week. They want to help each other to learn Hold Qi Up better and to join a stronger Qi field.

Some comments from the group:

"Just to experience being able to stand straighter is quite something"

"The course has been a positive experience. I believe something is changing in my body."

"I have problems with concentration but find it easier during the course."

"It has been wonderful to experience being able to stand more relaxed. I am a much stressed person but today I experience a different piece of mind. In the mornings my heel sinew used to be very stiff but not today."

"I use the training like an instrument when I am low and it helps."

"Today my back was straight. Normally it is only straight after I have visited my naprapat."

"Yesterday I had pain but I slept well and woke up without pain."


Björn Eriksson