Hold Qi up Lund [2005-08-27]

There was a gathering of eager participants joining the Lund Weekend Course in Hold Qi Up. Some of them came for the first time while others took the opportunity to repeat it. Everybody was very focused and they tried with great zeal to get the movements right and to help each other with corrections. During breaks there was sharing of experience from training and the course, but also quite a lot of jokes and laughter. On the Circle talks it was exciting to hear about the results such as "better sleep", "more relaxed", "the body more supple".

Some opinions from the course:

"Two days ago while I played the piano my lower arm started to hurt. It grew numb somehow and I felt no contact with my fingers. That makes it a bit hard to play because you're rather dependent upon your fingers. It was still there, but when I started on this course yesterday it disappeared right away".

"Qigong is part of working on my self. I work in health care and that's very stressful at times. You get tensed, and I've had a lot of pain all over my body because we stand a lot, all day long. And I can feel that this tension is beginning to get released, actually".


Patrik Rastija