Xiao Gongfa Gothenburg [2005-10-01]

The IT-Gong course was held on Saturday directly in conjunction with the first day of the Gothenburg Shenxin Qigong course, and the participants, who joined both courses, found it a great opportunity to extend the time of being in the Qi field. Several of the participants thought it was a valuable course, with exercises that are easy to make use of in one's everyday life, not only as a help during one's working hours but also at other times of the day since they do not require much of your time.

Some comments:

"I see it as a wake-me-up in the morning. It's a marvellous course and every time I bring something new with me home from the lecture part of the course."

"The course was very valuable. I have often wondered about this radiation emitted by computers, among other issues, and on this course I've got some advice on that and I'll really do this training."

"I have this problem with a slipped disc in my neck and it causes me a lot of pain. After doing those exercises it felt good, there is no pain in my neck and the finger exercise improved after some training. It's quite clear that something happened to me."


Patrik Rastija