Hold Qi up Ljungby [2005-10-01]

To the weekend-course in Ljungby participants came because they had heard about other peoples good result. The beginners learned the movements fast with some help from the older students and we practiced a lot. Many participants told about their good results, that Zhineng Qigong makes them happier and that they notice a big difference on their life-quality if they don't practice.

From the participants results:

"Qigong has helped me with many things. For example; my tinnitus has disappeared. Another concrete result was when I made a breast-operation. Two weeks later I could move my arms without problems. Some people never get the flexibility back after that kind of operation."

"This was my third course. I feel much better today and I'm calmer."

" If I don't practice I notice a big difference. For example it's more difficult to get up in the morning."

"Since I started to practice I don't get angry anymore. Qigong makes me happy."

"The first course was hard but now I like the training very much. I feel good. I'm happy and positive."

"Yesterday I found myself trying to raise the head up to keep the body upright just as we had learned in the course."


Angelica Berg