Hold Qi up Gothenburg [2005-09-24]

This weekend's basic course in Hold Qi Up was held in the heat of Summer, with the windows wide open. The new participants were very eager to learn the exercises thoroughly, and they took every opportunity to repeat movements. This together with the help from experinced participants and the calm and positive atmosphere made for good learning.

Below are some of the comments made by new participants:

"This is my first course. My back has been painful for several years. This was a positive experience and I feel better and calmer. I will continue with this method, of course".

"I think this is a good and I feel better already. I also have these problems with my neck and shoulders, like most women have. I think it has improved, so I'll try to practise at home".

...and by an experienced participant:

"My neck used to hurt terribly and I'd get lumbago three or four times a year, with lengthy sick leaves. I came across this method, and I have never...I hardly dare to say it, but I don't think I'll get lumbago any more – and I'm calmer, and happier. This is perfect. Thank you".


Max Björkström